OnePlus launches a special accessory to play with your smartphone that you will want to buy

a cool music player that turns your Android into an iPod

Let's talk about retroPod, a great music player that mimics the iPod Classic interface. The app has already accumulated more than 50,000 downloads and, although it has not been updated for a while, it is a good alternative to the usual music players. What if, is free.

Let's see what this player offers and why it is garnering such good opinions. We already anticipate that it's free and it works very well.

An iPod-style player

Retropod App

retroPod is a music player that mimics the iPod interface. Black background and a color wheel. If the mobile has an AMOLED screen, the experience is even more striking, since we will see the screen completely black (although we can adjust the background color to taste). Such is the level of imitation of the iPod that the accesses of the app settings do not work by touch, we have to go yes or yes through the wheel.

The wheel, despite being virtual, has a good haptic response, to simulate that we are facing a physical element

This wheel gives us a fairly successful haptic response, something that we can activate or deactivate from the app settings. Its buttons are menu, back, forward and the play / pause button, the classics of the iPod. As for the menu that the app shows, we have the following.

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  • Music

  • Additional features

  • Settings

  • Random songs

  • To sleep

Within music we will find our local library, divided by artists, albums, songs, genres and we can even create our playlists. As extras, we even have the odd game, as we had them in some of the iPod models.

The app is completely free and ad-free, although it has micro-payments to unlock features like additional games, more interface colors, and more.