a competitively priced sedan or SUV

Lei Jun talks to his fans about his upcoming electric cars, and here we have the first details of the car 'by Xiaomi'.

It was an open secret but now it is official, Xiaomi will develop its own electric cars, and as the Haidian giant loves to drive the hype already has begun to leak details of what will be its first vehicle to compete with Tesla and the rest of the actors in an industry that surely did not expect mobile phone manufacturers making cars.

In fact, it is that the project is so important to Xiaomi that Lei Jun himself will be the head of the new automobile division, with a short-term horizon - a couple of years - in which we should see its first creation on the roads, in the shape of a sedan or SUV and with a very attractive price which will rotate between the figures of 100,000 and 300,000 yuan.

Xiaomi wants to compete with Tesla with its own electric cars

Lei Jun reveals more details of what will be Xiaomi's first electric car.

We talk about something like about 13,000 euros to 40,000, more or less, and we know that it is a fairly large fork but that it anticipates Xiaomi's intention of starting at attractive prices with the base models, and placing itself at below what a Tesla Model 3 or any electric option costs current car giants such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi or other brands.

Xiaomi is already working on its first electric car, and plans to present it in 2023

As reported from GizChina, It was Lei Jun who spoke of these details in a conversation on-line with some fans, noting that the new, more rounded logo they have chosen is also better identified in the automotive sector, although have not made a decision on whether the new Xiaomi logos they will be the ones that definitely shine in their cars.

In fact, even dared to launch a poll on Weibo on whether they should use the Xiaomi brand on cars, which car category to explore first, and what price ranges would be most acceptable, surely looking for that fluid communication with its users how successful it has been.

Xiaomi CEO hopes to launch his first electric car within a couple of years

The CEO of Xiaomi hopes to launch his first electric car within a couple of years.

Says the CEO of Xiaomi that "The first battle is a decisive battle", and surely more important in the Chinese market with its large cities, which plan that their cars incorporate "Air conditioning and filtering systems, to even withstand humidification and prevent us from breathing in the huge clouds of pollution" of cities.

Following the information released from Haidian, there is no turning point and cars will be a key market for them very soon, with more than 10 billion dollars of investment in R&D for your new automotive division and bravery by flag: "I am willing to bet all the reputation that I have earned in my life, return to the battlefield and fight for this challenge that Xiaomi starts"says Lei Jun.

The worst part for them is that users have not been too specific, They have only agreed that Xiaomi should not debut with a sports car or a caravan or camper van, most have agreed that it will cost more than 100,000 yuan -about 13,000 euros- and do not get wet on whether the Xiaomi brand should preside its front grilles ... You will have to be patient!

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