A Chinese brand has discovered the secret formula to sell mobile phones: do not fill them with advertising

Even selling mobiles without advertising or bloatware is not such a bad idea.

Made in China is no longer scary. While years ago buying a Chinese phone was gambling too much, today Chinese brands have some of the best Chinese devices on the market.

However there are Chinese brands and there are "Chinese brands". While Xiaomi or realme are proven companies, many others have fallen by the wayside because of blunders. The truth is that at the time it was quite common to find cheap Chinese terminals full of advertising, something that the users honestly did not like very much.

Now, a well-known Asian firm has learned that, if they launch devices on the market without any type of advertisement or advertising inside them, the same, just the same, they manage to sell more.

Years later, Meizu gets the solution to sell more smartphones

Meizu Zero, features

Meizu seems to have found the key to success

Possibly the youngest do not know it, but Meizu was - until the irruption of firms such as Xiaomi - one of the most popular Chinese brands in the world. However, unlike other firms, this one never dared to sell outside its borders and therefore ended up being forgotten.

Despite everything, Meizu has always been characterized by selling great high-end terminals that do not lack anything. So much so that according to what we read in Gizmochina, the Chinese-based firm has acknowledged that up to 45% of new users who have bought the new Meizu 18 are former Apple users.

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But what is being the key to the success of the Meizu 18? The firm is marketing its latest devices under the banner "Three Zero Mobile Phones." Namely, no ads, no pre-installed third-party apps, and zero notifications. This advertising was unfortunately quite common in Chinese firms and even the most famous like Xiaomi.

It is curious that after so long, some companies realize that by launching lightweight devices, without advertising and without useless pre-installed applications, get a higher number of sales.

But the fact that the Meizu 18 comes without any advertising has not been the only reason for its good acceptance among users. In addition to this, this smartphone has a 2K screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, Snapdragon 888 processor, 12 GB of RAM and a 4,000 mAh battery. A powerful high-end that is undoubtedly one of the best of this ali,

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