8 must-have Google Play apps for psychologists or psychology students

If you are going through a difficult situation and you don't know how to handle it, perhaps this top app for psychologists and students can give you that boost you need.

In the new technological era online therapies and self-assessment tests endorsed by psychologists are very common. Therefore, we show you 8 essential apps for psychologists or psychology students fundamental to detect possible pathologies. Go for it!

It is no secret to anyone that psychological issues are still unacceptable by society, and not only that, but to date many people avoid talking about the subject or simply fear going to a professional of the mind out of pain to have to stand up to public opinion.

However, therapies for problems of the mind, insecurities, behaviorsdepression bipolarity, fears, anxiety ..., are of vital importance for the psychological and physical well-being of the human being. In turn, they are common diseases that must be treated in advance.

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Therefore, if you are a professional psychologist or career student, surely you are pocket tools they will help you vent, improve your emotional well-being, practice, learn and even help others.

Best apps for psychologists or psychology students

  • Meyo: Emotional Well-being
  • Practical psychology
  • Easy Positive Psychology
  • Psychology
  • PsychoTest
  • 3D brain
  • Mind is Wonderful Courses
  • Serenmind

Below, you can see a compilation of useful tools in the world of psychology, either for professionals in the area or students. Regardless of the case, this apps for psychologists or psychology students They are ideal for learning basic fundamentals and discovering the strengths and weaknesses of each human being. Remember that you can combine these apps perfectly with coaching apps for Android, it is sure to be great for you.

Meyo: Emotional Well-being


Me I is one of those applications that will help you reconnect with your inner SELF. It is in charge of working and raise your self esteem, calm anxiety and increase your confidence levels.

His therapies are based on management and self-control, challenges by levels and eating habits endorsed by professionals from the world of Psychology and areas like sexuality, dream, coaching, motivation and more.

Without a doubt, it is an app that contributes with your emotional well-being, improves your relationships and empowers you to be able to face any kind of situation. Is the ideal app for students and psychologists, especially if they are looking for support tools.

Practical psychology

Practical Psychology

Practical Psychology is a very useful app for students and professionals of psychology

Is a ideal application for psychology professionals and students of the area, since the mima handles themes and theories related to the current problems of society, as well as ideal tools to confront them.

Among the topics that you can find we have: Bullying, the Depression, mobile device addiction and much more, of course, clarifying any doubts that may arise. Is a app focused on personal development, human, academic and intellectual of any human being.

Easy Positive Psychology

Easy Positive Psychology

An app with theory and articles that allow us to know positive psychology

It is an app focused on effects of positive behaviors and emotions. The topics they address are quite interesting and include the following: well-being and happiness, friendships, sense of humor and laughter, emotional intelligence, empathy, resilience and post-traumatic growth.

In addition, it shows you through articles and theories tips and keys for a good relationship, factors that influence happiness and a wide variety of tests to learn to communicate, manage anxiety, learn to relax, against depression and everything that has to do with governing your own feelings.


app for psychologists and psychology students

Psychology is an app that shows the most important concepts of the different psychological schools

If you are looking for one mobile app with all the parameters and theories covered by psychology, then this app is ideal for you. Books are over forever, since with this pocket tool you will have at your disposal classical theories of psychology and the main schools of the study of the human being: Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Humanistic Psychology and Psychobiology.

Is a very complete application ideal for psychology students and for professionals in the area to refresh their knowledge. Although the free version has a variety of content, the premium version brings the Transpersonal Psychology stream.


PsicoTest for psychologists and psychology students

Psychological tests to consult and evaluate personality characteristics

PsychoTest is an app for Android very interesting and entertainingespecially since it is capable of offer a diagnosis of personalities, behaviors and diversity of common disorders, for example: anxiety disorders, Eating Disorders, substance addiction problems and mood disorders.

By this we do not mean that the tool can supplant the diagnosis of a professional, but that it can be used as a platform that can help understand certain behaviors, clarify your ideas and organize your thoughts. In cases of greater care, he always offers as advice to attend therapy with mental health professionals.

3D brain

3D brain

Excellent app with interactive brain structures for psychologists and students

3D brain is one of the best apps for psychologists or psychology students, since it focuses on the study of the brain and its parts. It has highly colorful images of the brain and can be zoomed in to more accurately detail structures.

In addition, you will be able to identify the parts associated with some mental diseases offering opinions based on psychological theories and supported by Real cases. It's free and available for Android.

Mind is Wonderful Courses

Mind is Wonderful Courses

Learn with the best online courses

This may not be the most popular app, but it does offer new knowledge of value for students and psychology professionals. It is developed so that you can have a tool with multiple online courses, led by experts and with interesting topics from psychology, communication and coaching.

It currently has more than 40 courses to improve your skills is aspects of communication, mindfulness, Personal development, cheers, therapy, emotions and more ... The best of all is that once a course is finished, the platform will give you a special certification. To have access to all the courses you will need to make a subscription for just 12.99 euros per month.



A Guide to Reducing Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Serenmind is one of the Most popular and top rated apps for psychologists and students. The platform is in charge of offering psychological programs based on studies carried out by professionals in the area and applying Cognitive Behavioral techniques, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology through audio and video that do not exceed 5 minutes.

In addition, the system offers tools for you to put all the content into practice and you will be guided through a virtual assistant quite effective. The free version has some of the programs available, but if you pay € 7.99 / month or € 59.99 / year, you will have free access to all the content of the application.

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With this we finalize our list of apps for psychologists and psychology students. All are available in the store Google play and also free. If you liked this article, then learn to breathe and relax with these applications or take a look at some apps to eat healthier and lose weight.

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