8 best free Google Play apps to learn biology

These apps are all you need to learn biology. Regardless of whether you are a student or a life science professional, you are going to love these pocket tools.

The biology As a science, it studies living beings and sets laws focused on the life of organisms. His study is so diverse that he needed to create apps to learn biology.

There are many branches that biology encompasses, such as anatomy, biochemistry, ecology, biomedicine, embryology, genetics, histology, virology, immunology and others; Therefore, this science encompasses knowledge from when life originates and its evolution, allowing us to know from microorganisms, animals, to plants and the human body.

Through many apps dedicated to biology, you can study and learn in a practical way aspects as complex as the functioning of the human, animal and plant body, in addition to studying the behavior and characteristics that distinguish living beings, either as individuals or as a species.

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These are the best apps to learn biology on Android

  • Biology - Lessons - Learn
  • Cell biology
  • PlanNet Plant Identification
  • BiologyMaster- Basic Biology
  • Biology eBook and Quiz
  • Biology
  • Microbe Notes | Microbiology and Biology Notes
  • Fungipedia

Study and learn biology allows us to understand life, the interactions between all living beings and between the environment, in addition to teaching us to value and respect every living being. The applications mentioned here, based on biology, help to understand this wonderful and complex world in which we live.

Biology - Lessons - Learn

learn life sciences from home

Lessons for learning life sciences from home

It is an excellent application loaded with books, memes, videos, lessons and tutorials biology, suitable for students of 17 years and older. Among the topics you can study and learn with this platform we have the following: Cellular respiration, Photosynthesis, Cells, Biochemistry, Bacteria and Viruses, Fabrics, Human body systems (Circulatory, Excretory, Endocrine, Immune, Digestive and Nervous).

In addition, you will learn topics about Genetics, Reproduction, Taxonomy, Evolution, Kingdom Plantae, Pollution and Natural Resources. And if you are a student of advanced life sciences You can also get lessons on: Protein, Genomes, RNA, genetic information, Biomembranes, Enzymes and Nucleic acids, among other topics. So if you want learn biology, this may be a good option for you.

Cell biology

Cell biology

Cell Biology is a very friendly free application

Cell biology is a very practical applicationas it contains a full dictionary from A to Z that does not require an Internet connection, being able to access the search for information in a quick and simple.

Your download is totally free, works great for students of all educational levels (Primary, Secondary and University) and includes voice search to facilitate the access to descriptions.

Best of all, it occupies little space in the memory of your device and free updates are done automatically. However, with the Premium plan, you can access photos, avoid advertisements and delete your browsing history.

PlantNet Plant Identification


It is an application used to collect, describe, and study pictures that allow identify plants. It has been created by various scientists from the network Botanical fabric, IRD, INRIA, INRA and CIRAD and it works efficiently through a camera that takes photos of the plant and then compares it with information contained in a database.

Likewise, the results are used to get the botanical name of the plant, however, it does not apply to decorative plants and it is better when an organ or a specific part of the plant is shown.

And if in the journey and research you manage to identify a new species, it is possible to contribute to the community thanks to PlantNet project. Share your observation and wait for the evaluation by some experts and moderators.

BiologyMaster- Basic Biology

BiologiaMaster- Basic Biology

Study with the best Biology application

Through a series of assessments divided into sections and quiz style games, this app allows you to practice and learn biology quickly and easily, so that you can test how much you know about the subject and show your classmates your knowledge. The explanations are adapted to all levels, and it does not get boring.

Some of the topics that you can find within the platform are: Atoms and molecules, The cells, Living beings and the functions of the organism, Genetics and Evolution. If you want learn biology in a way different and fun, then Biology Master is ideal for you.

Biology eBook and Quiz

Biology eBook and Quiz

Biology eBook and quiz to learn a little about everything

The Ebook is a pocket tool ideal for students and professionals of the area. It provides the user readings and quizzes extensive biology questions, whose questions are organized by categories. In addition, it offers the opportunity to perform or solve tests in two ways: timed or in practice mode and check your answers giving instant results.

This app also quickly finds pages allusive to the animal Kingdom, plant and exclusive material human body and human diseases.


app to learn biology

It is an ideal application for biology courses

Created for biology students and teachers of various levels; is composed of 8 units of study embodied in 256 lessons and 47 quizzes where you will find 676 questions related to biology.

Units of study cover knowledge of: the cell, the chemistry of life, genetics, evolutionary processes, biological Diversity, structure and role of plants and animals and even has a dedicated unit for ecology. And if you are not yet familiar with basic terms, the platform includes a glossary with 2350 terms.

Microbe Notes | Microbiology and Biology Notes

Microbe Notes Microbiology and Biology Notes

It is one of the best apps to learn microbiology and biology notes

Microbe Notes is one of the best and most up-to-date apps to learn biology. It offers more than 1,100 notes study on biology areas: microbiology, virology, immunology, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology and more.

The notes are updated every day, you can access them for free and save them to review later without having to connect to the Internet; the available information is classified in more than 35 categories and includes questions and answers short so you can study and know in depth.


Fungipedia to learn about fungi and biology

Fungipedia is an app to study fungi and mushrooms

Fungipedia provides a detailed guide for the identification and study of mushrooms and mushrooms. It is aimed especially at mycology students and lovers of plants and everything that encompasses the bridge between the plant and animal kingdoms. The app contains more than 2000 images of 500 species dangerous and edible.

In addition, it includes a geolocation or GPS system to locate setales, save the location and add photographs of the mushrooms found in a mushroom catalog.

In the edible species section you will find a button that tells you which are the poisonous species with interesting characteristics to study. Although it is a very useful tool, it is recommended to consult with an expert in the field before consuming any type of mushrooms or fungi.

Through these best apps to learn biology We invite you to quench your thirst for knowledge, that innate need in the human being to know the why of things, based on the study of science and that also allow you to understand, know and value your environment.

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And it is that biology is not just another matter, it is about taking care of the planet and saving the life of every living being. If you liked this article, take a look at the best free apps to identify plants and flowers with your mobile, or better yet, discover how to record animals in Google 3D while you see them in the real world.

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