8 best applications to learn Korean with your mobile

Become a K-pop star by learning Korean with these applications for your mobile.

Just as there are many applications to learn Japanese, there are also many tools that can teach you Korean through the mobile screen. However, not all that glitters is gold on the Google Play Store. For this same reason, today we will introduce you The 8 best applications to learn Korean with your mobile.

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Don't worry, you don't have to leave home to start learning this complicated and interesting language. You won't have to spend a penny eitherWell, the selection we made was with free applications.

apps learn korean

These are the best apps to learn Korean with your mobile

8 good apps to learn Korean with your Android

  • Eggbun
  • K-word
  • Simply learn Korean
  • Korean alphabet pronunciation Hangul
  • Sejong Korean Grammar
  • NAVER Korean Dictionary
  • Papango
  • Learn Korean - Beginners

After you install any of the applications in this list, you will be able to start learning Korean in a simple and fun way. You just install one of these tools and you will see that with practice you will begin to speak the language as if by magic.



Eggbun is an interesting application to learn Korean that will help you to have conversations in this language. You start at a beginner level, but you advance until you speak as if you were a native of the country.

Without a doubt, the best way to learn English, Korean, Chinese or any language is to speak it constantly. With Eggbun you will learn from the Korean alphabet, Hangeul, to real life everyday conversations. All from an interface similar to a chat conversation!


k word

This is what the K-Word application looks like

K-word is a free application to learn Korean with your Android with which you can dfind out how about 50,000 words are pronounced / written. In addition, you can listen to its correct pronunciation and look for those that catch your attention.

As if that were not enough, the application allows you automatically store the searched words so that you have them at least at any time. Also, one of the most interesting features that K-word offers is the ability to study Korean on the lock screen. Try it and start learning this language as soon as possible!

Simply learn Korean

just learn korean

Simply learn Korean: an application to master the language in a simple way

Simply learn Korean is an application that will help you make your trip to Korea successfully. If you are not studying Korean, but want to learn the basics of this language to survive, then it is the perfect app for you.

This tool teach you phrases, questions and the vocabulary you need to communicate with people. You can also play audios that help you discover the way in which certain words are correctly pronounced. As if that were not enough, the application will test your knowledge through a fun quiz. Learn Korean while having fun.

Korean alphabet pronunciation Hangul

Korean alphabet pronunciation Hangul

Korean Hangul Alphabet Pronunciation: The Perfect App to Learn How to Write Korean

Are you starting to learn Korean? Well this is the application that will help you learn their alphabet visually and verbally. Why? Because Hangul Korean alphabet pronunciation is an app that will teach you everything with fully understandable Latin characters and audios.

The app contains 24 basic consonants and vowels, 140 syllables with all their structure, 164 characters with their transliteration and audios with pronunciations. You have realized? It has everything you need so that you can learn the Korean alphabet from the comfort of your mobile.

Sejong Korean Grammar

Sejong Korean grammar

Sejong Korean grammar

Sejong Korean Grammar is a free app created by the Sejong Institute that teaches you grammar in a fun way. Of course, to use it you must already have knowledge of Hangul because from the beginning it teaches you vocabulary and Korean grammar necessary in everyday situations.

This application uses a method of teaching through dialogues that shows the meaning in Spanish. In addition, it has exercises and games to test your knowledge in Korean while having fun. Without a doubt, it is a very useful app for people who have prior knowledge of this language.

NAVER Korean Dictionary

naver korean dictionary

It is no secret to anyone that a dictionary will always be necessary when you want to learn a language. Thanks to this Naver Dictionary was born, a dictionary that you can review both on the web and in its mobile application. As if that were not enough, you can use it in several languages ​​and it contains examples of phrases with the Korean word you are looking for.

NAVER Korean Dictionary has 6.57 million words and 2.84 million examples. We are talking about an app with many grammar tips that will help you master Korean. In addition, it allows you to study source words, derivatives and their respective applications.



Papago is the best certified translator of the Korean language

If you need a certified Korean translator, Papago is the best app that you can install on your mobile. We are talking about a purely Korean app developed by the company NAVER (the same creators of NAVER Korean Dictionary.

Papagose can be set from Spanish to Korean and vice versa, so it's great for instantly translating a conversation. So if you wanted a powerful translator, this is the app you should download.

Learn Korean - Beginners

learn korean beginners

Learn Korean - Beginners: The Name Says It All

Learn Korean - Beginners offers a selection of Korean words completely free so that you can learn them correctly. You will learn Korean from scratch, from the basics to the most advanced words.

As if that were not enough, the application also offers quizzes so you can practice what you have learned and different resources so you can review the content you have learned. And you don't need an internet connection!

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