7 hidden OxygenOS tricks you have to try on your OnePlus

Learn how to get more out of your OnePlus mobile with these tricks and hidden functions in OxygenOS.

OxygenOS It is the Android-based operating system that integrates OnePlus mobiles, such as the recent OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. And although in the past it stood out for being a fairly simple software, over the years it has evolved and gained more and more functions, some of them unknown to many of the people who use the brand's mobile phones.

If you want to know how to get more out of your OnePlus mobile through its lesser known functions, today we are going to review some of the most interesting that exist in OxygenOS.

OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, screens

The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, with OxygenOS 11.

Keep all your widgets organized on one screen

If you are one of those who prefers have your home screen organized and free from distractions, one of the most useful features of OnePlus is Shelf, a panel that allows you to have all your favorite widgets, accessible at any time by sliding your finger down from the home screen.

One of the advantages of activating this function is the possibility of have all our widgets in Shelf, instead of having them on the home screen taking up space.

To activate this function, all you have to do is access launcher settings through a long press on an empty space on the home screen, and within the section "Swipe down to access", choose OnePlus Shelf.

Once inside Shelf, you can add and organize all your favorite widgets in the order you want.

7 hidden OxygenOS tricks you have to try on your OnePlus

Hide apps from the drawer easily

If you want hide apps In the drawer, so that they do not appear among your list of apps –for example, those pre-installed by OnePlus in OxygenOS–, the brand's customization layer gives you the possibility to do so with a simple gesture. This is what you should do:

  1. Open your mobile app drawer by swiping up from the home screen.
  2. Now, swipe to the right until the so-called “hidden space” appears.
  3. Tap on the "+" icon in the upper right corner to hide applications.

7 hidden OxygenOS tricks you have to try on your OnePlus

When you have added all the apps that you want to hide, you will see that these are no longer displayed in the app drawer. If you want to access them, you just have to swipe to the right from the app drawer to access your hidden space.

Search apps quickly

OxygenOS has one of the more useful shortcuts that we've seen in a long time. Thanks to him, it is possible search applications in a super simple and fast way.

To do this, simply swipe up from the home screen to open the app drawer, but instead of reaching to open it, keep your finger in the middle of the screen. You will notice a vibration, and you will automatically enter the app search, where you can choose between one of the categories or enter the name of the application.

Open your favorite apps from the fingerprint reader

Another OxygenOS feature related to opening the apps consists of the possibility of choose favorite apps, that can be opened via a long press on the on-screen fingerprint reader.

This feature is available in all terminals of the brand that have a fingerprint reader integrated in the panelTo activate it, you only have to access the system settings, and from there to the "Quick Start" menu within the "Utilities" section.

Activate the flashlight without turning on the screen

For those moments when you need activate the mobile flashlight But you don't have time to look for this function, OxygenOS offers you the possibility to enable this function quickly, and without having to activate the mobile screen.

You just have to resort to gestures with screen off, which allow you to carry out predefined actions such as activating the flashlight or opening the camera, such as open any app that you want to execute with any gesture.

Within the gesture menu, we can choose between draw a series of letters on the off screen: O, V, S, M or W. It is also possible to control music or turn on the screen with two taps.

7 hidden OxygenOS tricks you have to try on your OnePlus

Quickly reply to your messages while playing games or watching videos

Other most useful trick included in OxygenOS consists of the possibility of reply to messages with the screen in landscape while we are playing or watching a video, without having to stop doing what we are doing.

This feature is called "landscape response" and is available on the vast majority of recent OnePlus phones. With it, when an incoming message is received, the conversation will appear in a floating window, and the same will happen with the keyboard. In this way, it will be possible respond quickly and go back to video or game.

Reply to messages in OxygenOS

Reply to messages in OxygenOS with the mobile in landscape.

Create duplicate apps

In OxygenOS, you can have up to two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile, without the need to use third-party apps. The company offers in its software the function of parallel applications, which allows you to create two instances of the same app.

This function is available within the utilities menu, and when activated, automatically Will "create" a second app so you can enter a secondary account.

Dual WhatsApp on OxygenOS

Dual WhatsApp on OxygenOS.

OxygenOS is a constantly evolving layer, and it is not surprising that new features and hidden tricks continue to appear every so often in the OnePlus mobile software. For that reason, this list will remain constantly updated with more and more profits.

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