6 crazy things and also failures of LG that we will all remember: their most emblematic mobiles

Do you remember all these LG terminals?

It's over. LG exits the mobile phone market. Despite the fact that lately its figures did not accompany and that it was light years away from other brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei or OPPO, the truth is that a big one like LG leaves us is bad news.

Because yes, LG is a big one. Their latest models launched on the market are truly innovative and behind has left us with devices that have been a living legend of Android.

Video Playback on the LG Wing

This is what YouTube looks like on the LG Wing.

Many of its mobile terminals have been key so that Android is today in the privileged position in which it is located and although the South Koreans have also made many mistakes, we will not deny that the good things of LG outweigh the bad.

Today we want to remember all those crazy things –And also failures– that the great LG has given us during all these years.

Nexus 5

Nexus 5

The Google Nexus 5, the best phone made by LG?

For many, the best Android phone that has ever existed –with pardon the Nexus 4–. A powerful device with outstanding performance, which only lacked a somewhat deficient camera and a somewhat scarce battery, but which went on sale at a truly groundbreaking price for the time. In a nutshell: a real genius.

The Nexus 5 will be remembered as one of those phones that changed everything on Android. A pity that we will never see a device again not only the same, if not similar.


LG's flagship, the powerful G2

The LG G2, a work of art made mobile

And if the Google device made by LG is in the hall of fame of Android phones, The same can be said of its cousin the LG G2, which is undoubtedly the most loved phone under the South Korean name.

The LG G2 mounted the most powerful processor of the moment, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, offering unparalleled performance and although it was not without criticism, the truth is that many technology media named it device of the year was not a coincidence.

LG G8X ThinQ

LG G8X ThinQ featured

This case adds a second screen to the mobile

Not everything was going to be praise at LG. Some terminals like this G8X ThinQ left us somewhat misplaced and not because it was honestly a bad device, if not because the idea behind this device was really badly executed.

As we showed in its analysis, this device had a peculiar cover that added a second screen. The problem? That the case made the device not only much larger but also quite heavy, making its use really uncomfortable.



The LG G5 bet on modularity and did not do really well

We continue with another madness of the company and this time we have to talk about the LG G5, a terminal that opted for modularity and that at the time, was a complete revolution. The LG G5 was based on interchangeable modules at a time when phones were no longer even including replaceable batteries.

Unfortunately, this topic of the modules did not catch on with the public. And it is that despite the fact that LG has manufactured great terminals, the truth is that marketing has never been its strong point.

LG G Flex

The LG G Flex

The LG G Flex was one of the first curved terminals

The LG G Flex was one of the first curved terminals on the planet and it showed that the South Korean firm had come to try to be innovative.

At that time, curved screens seemed to be the future and although obviously this has not been the case, this device was a full stop for this type of technology. A full-fledged pioneer.

LG Wing

LG Wing with two screens

The double screen of the LG Wing, its great asset compared to other smartphones.

And we end up with one of LG's strangest devices and one of the latest in its catalog, the LG Wing, a terminal with double screen but with a concept never seen before until now.

The problem is that all the innovation that this LG Wing hid failed to justify its price of more than 1,000 euros Except for those who were tired of the same format as always on their phones and wanted to try something new. Outcome? The one we all know, LG closing the blind. We will never forget you.

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