4 shortcuts on your Huawei smartphone that will make your life easier

EMUI offers you much more than what you use on your Huawei mobile, for example, these shortcuts with the physical buttons.

The physical buttons of your Huawei smartphone are used for what we all know: turn off or turn on the terminal, turn up the volume, restart the computer ... Those are its basic uses, the surprise comes when we discover that we can use the buttons as shortcuts for quick access to more advanced features, like Huawei's assistant.

Ignorance is over, the time has come to know what are the shortcuts on your Huawei smartphone that will make your life easier. These, added to the rest of the Huawei mobile tricks, will make your life much easier when using the phone.

Huawei shortcuts

Dominate your Huawei smartphone 100% with these shortcuts on its buttons.

Access accessibility features

The buttons on your Huawei mobile can serve as a shortcut for activating a accessibility feature that you select yourself in the terminal settings. By pressing the two volume buttons at the same time for 3 seconds, this tool starts working without you having to do anything else.

To configure this shortcut on your Huawei, you must follow these steps:

  1. Enter the settings of your Huawei mobile.
  2. Swipe down and access the section "Accessibility features".
  3. Click on "Accessibility".
  4. Within the "Interaction control" section, click on "Direct access to accessibility".
  5. Activate the shortcut to accessibility and tap "Select functions".
  6. Choose which function you want to activate quickly with the physical buttons of the terminal and voila, you will have finished the configuration of the shortcut.

4 shortcuts on your Huawei smartphone that will make your life easier

In our example we have selected the function ScreenReader, so when simultaneously pressing the two volume buttons for 3 seconds, this tool is activated that begins to read all the text that appears on the screen. To deactivate it, you just have to press both buttons again for a few seconds.

Talk to the Huawei assistant

Like Google or Apple, Huawei has its own virtual assistant called Celia, which you can activate both by voice -Hey, Celia- and using the on / off button. In this way, the button can act as a shortcut to quickly open your Huawei mobile assistant without having to speak.

This is how you should configure the settings for the power button to allow you to speak to the assistant:

  1. Enter the settings of your Huawei mobile.
  2. Swipe down and click "HUAWEI Assistant".
  3. Go into "AI Voice".
  4. Tap on "Activate with the on / off button" and check the box that you will find on the new page.

From this moment on, just press the power button for 1 second so that Celia appears ready to help you in everything you need. For example, you can ask him what the weather will be tomorrow in your city.

Take a screenshot

One of the most useful shortcuts on your Huawei mobile is the one that allows you to take a screenshot by pressing the on / off button and the lower volume button at the same time. Thus, at any time you can convert the content displayed on the screen into an image that you can easily share later.

Take Huawei mobile capture

Press the lower volume button and the power button to capture on a Huawei mobile.

Open the photo camera

The last of the 4 shortcuts that you can use on your Huawei mobile is one that serves to quickly open the camera with the mobile locked. You only have to press the lower volume button twice in a row to access the phone's camera app, thus saving the time of unlocking the phone and searching for the app.

Open Huawei mobile camera

Press twice on the lower volume button to open the camera on a Huawei mobile.

These shortcuts on your Huawei smartphone have a clear objective: to make your life easier when using the terminal. In addition, you can try other tricks to master your phone even better, such as the best tricks for Huawei camera.

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