26 Apps So Good It's Hard To Believe They're Completely Free

Although a lot of popular or professional software is usually paid, and it bothers more than one that most now exist under subscription models and not the purchase of single licenses, there are still many alternatives that cost nothing.

In Genbeta we have already collected a wide variety of good applications before that it is difficult to believe that they are completely free, in fact, we have done it more than once, and for that reason we have not run out of recommendations. So there they go 26 more programs that are free and are also of excellent quality.



For some it will be obvious, but for others it could be the best discovery of the day. VLC is perhaps the Media player most popular for watching any type of video format for years. It's free and open source and you can use it on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. That is, almost any modern equipment.


Mpc Hc

For others the best video player is this, and among those people I include myself. Whenever you watch video from Windows, with Media Player Classic Home Cinema you have one of the best options.



If what you are looking for is not just a player but a whole multimedia management center With countless customization options and internal tools to organize all your audiovisual content, with KODI you don't have to look much further. It's free and open source and you can use it on basically any operating system or device you can think of.

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WPS Office

Wps Office

If you are looking for a alternative to Microsoft Office that looks and works quite similar, Kingsoft's Office is a very good option. Besides being free and multiplatform, it also supports tabs, so you can have your spreadsheets, documents or presentations in the same window.


Free Office

If you are looking for a open source office suite, the best is LibreOffice. Its compatibility with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats is getting better, but its focus is on open document formats.



Another alternative to Microsoft Office that also imitates its interface very well. OnlyOffice it also has a good set of mobile applications to complement document editing on all your devices.



If what you want is a minimalist text editor that also supports MarkDown, that has multiple customization options, supports multiple languages, includes a spell checker and is free and cross-platform, you are looking for something like Typora.



Atom is perfect if what you are looking for is a text editor to write code with support for multiple programming languages ​​through packages, integration with Git and GitHub, and tons of customization options. Besides being free, it is open source and multiplatform.



So in the Atom style we have Brackets, another cross-platform and open source text editor, although this one is mainly oriented to web development. You can use it for free on Windows, Linux, or macOS.

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Notion is a All-in-one workspace for organizing to-do lists, projects, notes, documents, databases, and everything you can think of, either individually or as a team. It is multiplatform and free.



Zenkit is another very complete app for organization and productivity. It takes advantage of the kanban method to sort everything in boards and columns. Zenkit also offers collections, calendar, lists, team collaboration, and more, on both Windows, Linux, macOS, and mobile platforms.



If you want something similar to the previous ones but a little simpler and also aimed mainly at programmers, Boostnote is for you. Is a Cross-platform note app, with Markdown support and syntax highlighting for multiple programming languages. It is free and open source.

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Another app for the organization is Todoist. Perfect for manage to-do lists with more than one additional option to organize your projects. Todoist also has integrations with multiple third-party services, such as Google Calendar, Dropbox, IFTTT, and more.


All Microsoft

Microsoft's note-taking app that basically sent Wunderlist to its grave. To Do is ideal for those who use Windows 10 and want the greatest possible integration between their computer and also their mobile, especially if they use Android. It is simple, easy to use, and perfect for simple to-do lists and reminders.



The ultimate ebook manager. Caliber is undoubtedly famous for offering one of the most comprehensive solutions for organizing, converting, transferring and reading e-books. Whether you carry a collection on your computer, mobile device, Kindle, tablet, or any ebook reader.

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One of the best translators available, which offers extremely natural translations and also has a small free app for Windows and macOS that allows us to use a keyboard shortcut to translate any text instantly.



A old but simple and useful video editor. Avidemux is available on Linux, Windows, macOS, and BSD. It is free and open source and for the most basic things like cutting, filtering and finding tasks, it is more than enough.



If you are looking for a change of scene when it comes to multimedia players in macOS, IINA is a great alternative to open source VLC, which in addition to being very powerful, has a modern air that, at the moment, the orange cone program does not have.

It has dark mode, image on image, search for online subtitles, integration with the Touch Bar with the trackpad through gestures. Beyond all this, it is an application that we love because it plays 4K YouTube video with its own controls.

It has PiP mode and automatic subtitle search. The only thing that fails him, for the moment, is to adapt to Apple silicon.



A simple and useful tool for taking screenshots in Windows. Greeshot also has a built-in editor that lets us add text, shapes, or effects to our captures easily.

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For those who miss a twitter client for the desktop that offers more than the official Tweetdeck, that is multiplatform, free, and that also remains in development and is updated with the latest functions of the social network.

Photoscape X


A free photo editor that has a huge number of tools powerful yet easy-to-use editing tools, plus built-in tutorials on how to use them. Photoscape X is free for Windows and macOS.



One of the best, if not the best, torrent download manager. It's free, open source, and cross-platform. It does not include adware or try to install anything else on your computer. It also has its own built-in torrent search engine.

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A partition editor Completely free that you can download to use from most Linux distributions, or that you can save to a USB memory to use as a Live image and edit the partitions of other systems such as Windows or macOS.


Flux Windows

Before most systems began to introduce their own "night modes" with dimmer light when looking at the computer screen in the dark, there was already f.lux as an alternative (in many cases better) for just that.

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Editor Empty

A simple tool to record screen in Windows and convert it to video or GIF. Not only does it record, but it has an editor that lets you add effects, increase or decrease the frame-by-frame rate, and more.


Librecad Software

The free and open source alternative to 2D design and modeling. You can use it on Windows, macOS, and Linux in more than 30 languages. the documentation is huge and has a wide community of users willing to help you get started with it.

If you know of other free apps that are worth it, We encourage you to mention them in comments so that other readers know about them, and from Genbeta we can include them in other compilations. The objective is not to find the best free applications, but all those that, without cost, are as good as other paid ones.

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