20 things you can do at Easter to take advantage of your days off

A mini vacation has arrived to conclude the first quarter of 2021 and, with the restrictions imposed on travel and prevent the fourth wave from being able to saturate the hospitals again, probably you will have a lot of free time and spend several of those hours at home. Don't despair because, as we learned during the pandemic's months of strict confinement, there are many resources to not get bored and to make the most of the situation and many of them are offered by technology.

From Genbeta we give you some ideas on what you can do at Easter to make them productive days, you can take advantage of doing things that you normally do not do and also do not get bored:

  • Upload all your photos to Google Photos before it stops being a free service. It is possible that you have messy photographs on your computer. You can take the opportunity to put a little organization in your images and, most importantly, store them safely. Take advantage of the fact that Google Photos is still free (until June of this year). Remember that files uploaded before will not be included when counting the aforementioned 15 GB free. Not, at least, until we modify them.

  • Take a course to learn something you like. The Internet is full of resources to learn. Find the topic that interests you and find out about websites that offer these courses. You can take a quick course (there is a great offer of trainings of a few hours) or start a longer one that you had pending.

  • Reinstall your Windows. Cleaning your PC from time to time is essential if you want it to perform well. A very simple way to do it is by reinstalling your Windows. There are ways to do it without losing your information.

  • Reorganize, clean your mail and delete the subscriptions of services that do not interest you. Having the email full, with many unread messages, others from a sender that does not interest you and subscriptions to websites and services that you do not remember when you did are things that happen. Take advantage of the holiday to put order. Gmail gives you the opportunity to delete multiple mailing list subscriptions at the same time. There are also independent applications that help you in the task of freeing your mailbox.

  • Free up your computer's RAM. RAM is one of the most valuable resources on a computer. A computer with little capacity for this software workspace is a limited machine. It is important to take care of it on a day-to-day basis and there are simple ways to free up this RAM so that your computer works better.

  • If any of your devices have poor performance, look for a replacement on online sales pages. Online shopping skyrocketed during lockdown. And this trend is here to stay, according to market analysts. These days can be a good opportunity to find a replacement for your computer, camera, mobile, television or any of your electronic equipment that no longer performs well. The good thing about buying online and having free time is that you have more time to compare the existing offer.

  • Find the browser that best suits your needs: The fact that you started using a browser years ago does not bind you to it. The different companies are constantly improving your browsers And it is still time to find another one that suits you better and learn how to handle its functions to improve your productivity in the future.

Microsoft Edge vs the rest: we compare its performance against Chrome, Firefox and Opera

  • Look for extensions to your browser that will help you work better. In addition to choosing the browser that best suits your task, you should also know that there are many extensions that can help you improve their functions and performance.

  • Make a photo album. Select your favorite images from recent years and have them printed on a service that will then send you a printed album to keep those memories on your shelf.

  • Meet new people online. The Internet is also a tool for socializing. It doesn't have to be just for flirting. If you want to meet new people with your own hobbies, tastes or interests, there are many options available on the Internet for this.

  • read. On the Internet you can find many books and documents to read. One of the most recommended: Internet Archive. Although there is more.

The best websites to download free books

  • Update your blog or just write. Writing is great therapy. If you have your blog or your social networks active, it is time to update your followers on matters of your life. Or write just for yourself.

  • Learn how to use a tool to send newsletters in the future. If you are a content creator or want or have your own company, brand or are a well-known person, take the opportunity to learn about the tools to send newsletters. Remember that "newsletters are the new podcasts and they give you a great space to reach many people". The best known are Mailchimp and Revue, recently integrated into Twitter, but there are many more in this world of email marketing.

  • Learn to make stories and reels on Instagram that can be more colorful and original to attract more audience. If you have a business, want to have it or have a blog, for example, Instagram reels and stories will be great allies. Learn to use these tools to reach more people. Remember that Instagram has guidelines to reduce visibility to certain content and give more space to others.

  • Get started in programming. There are many websites created to teach programming. Even if you want to learn the Python language.

  • Find Windows 10 applications that best suit the use you give to your operating system. Windows 10 can offer much more functionality. You can find the applications that best suit your needs and your day-to-day tasks to make your life easier.

  • Talk to friends or family that you have abandoned during routine work days. Probably, after a year of pandemic and social distance, you already know that there are a wide variety of platforms for videoconferencing. They can be one on one, or have an online party with many friends.

  • Install an antivirus on your computer. If you are in the process of tuning your PC, it is also time to put a protection that is worthwhile to avoid hacker attacks.

The best (and worst) antivirus for Windows home users, according to AV-TEST

  • Look for free software alternatives to the programs you use often. If your goal is to transfer your favorite programs to other free software, it is a good time to choose the best option and to learn how to use the programs. Here's an example of free Office alternatives.

    • Catch up on your series and movies. Also take the opportunity to rest and relax in front of your favorite tusseries and movies. As we already said, the pandemic was the “opportunity” that the streaming greats had to change cinema, and they have taken advantage of it.

Photo | Matilda Wormwood at Pexels