12 free coding courses you can complete in just two days

You have a couple of days off, a long weekend, a downtime that you don't want to waste doing anything (which also has nothing wrong, but not everyone knows how to turn off completely) and you want to take advantage of it learning something new about the world of software development.

Whether you're a complete beginner, someone with some knowledge, or an experienced developer looking to improve your skills and add something new to your repertoire, here we recommend a dozen options for programming courses and tutorials in which you don't have to invest too many hours and that you can easily complete in just a couple of days.

Note: all these courses and tutorials are in English.

Introduction to programming and computing


A two hour course specially designed for those who are interested in computing and programming, but don't know where to start. They will teach you the basic concepts that apply in all programming languages, laying a foundation on which you can develop your skills in the future.

Learn Python for free

In Scrimba you have a tutorial of 59 lessons spanning five hours in length, with interactive screencasts to help you learn the basics of Python programming. Each lesson is a 4-8 minute tutorial with separate exercises and a code challenge applying what has been learned.

Learn Python by building five games


A course of almost 7 hours that brings together five video game development tutorials, each one with a more complex game than the previous one, so that you can practically learn to program in Python by creating each of them.

Learn PLN with Python and TensorFlow 2.0


An hour and a half course which serves as a hands-on introduction to natural language processing with TensorFlow 2.0. With the tutorial you will go from having zero knowledge to writing an artificial intelligence that can compose Shakespeare's prose.

How to Create a Toy Markdown Editor with Python and Tkinter

A practical guide for those who are already familiar with Python and Tkinter that will guide them through the problems that must be solved in order to create an MD text editor that many developers do not want to create due to the complications involved.

Android Basics in Kotlin

These are the free Android and Kotlin courses that Google launched in 2020 for you anyone can learn to code without any prior experience. The full course would take more than two days to complete, but it is divided into units, and for now there are only 4 units available. A single unit is small enough to complete in a couple of days, or at any rate, each unit is itself divided into small sections with various activities that are completed in a few hours.

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Introduction to game development with JavaScript


One hour and 16 minutes This introductory tutorial on game development using JavaScript and HTML5 canvas lasts. You will learn to build a complete game of brick breakers while learning the fundamentals of video game development.

Learn HTML

A free course on Codecademy that lasts for 9 hours and with which you will learn all the basics of HTML for creating websites. The course does not have any prerequisites.

How to create a website with NameCheap

Another free course on Codecademy without any prior requirement and that takes 9 hours to complete. In it you will learn to create a simple website using the basics of web development: HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap.

Learn TypeScript

A free course of 10 hours duration that you can take at Codecademy to learn how to apply the JavaScript syntax you already know to the TypeScript type system.

Learn Redux

Another course of 10 hours duration in which you will learn to use Redux, an open source JavaScript library for managing the state of applications most commonly used with React. You can take it for free at Codecademy.

Learn p5.js

In Codecademy they also offer a course about 10 hours long to learn how to use the open source Javascript library p5.js that allows you to use programming as an artistic medium to simplify the way in which graphic and interactive experiences are created.

Extra: 30 seconds of code

30 seconds to code

From bonus I leave you the website of '30 seconds of code ', a site with JavaScript mini-lessons to understand in 30 seconds or less. They are small segments of code that serve as a complement for learning, and are aimed at JavaScript developers who want to refresh their knowledge or learn something new that does not take much time.