You can now download the animated wallpapers of the OnePlus 9 on your Android

The OnePlus 9 and its brother, the OnePlus 9 Pro, have started their journey to compete in the high-end Android. Both devices arrive with Android 11, OxygenOS and new animated wallpapers exclusive for these models.

As usual, on Android we can enjoy the functions of other devices, and these wallpapers were not going to be less. As we read on XDA Developers, we can now install these animated backgrounds thanks to a couple of APK files, so let's show you how to do it.

How to install OnePlus 9 wallpapers


First of all, warn you that two APK files will be necessary to carry out this process. They are completely safe but, as usual, from Xataka Android We recommend downloading files from official stores and always be careful what you install on the phone.

That said, two files will be required for these wallpapers to work: the APK with OnePlus wallpaper resources and the OnePlus wallpaper APK. Both are downloaded from APKmirror and are OnePlus official apps, which work on other Android.

16 pages to download quality wallpapers for your mobile

After installing these applications we only have to go to the launcher and wallpapers. In our case we have tested these funds with a Google Pixel and Android 12, so the menu will depend on your mobile and its launcher. We look for 'animated backgrounds' as a source for the funds (they will come out with the OnePlus icon) and click on them. In our case the previews have not worked for us of the backgrounds, but both the wallpapers and their animations have worked perfectly.

Via | XDA Developers

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