Xiaomi has launched a steam oven that costs less than 50 euros

This Xiaomi steam oven costs less than 50 dollars.

As usual. Xiaomi is one of the best mobile phone companies on the market, not in vain does it have some of the best value for money terminals on the market, such as the new Xiaomi Mi 11.

But we must also know that Xiaomi is a brand that not only knows how to make mobile devices and that it enters its catalog such interesting products stand out like heaters, air conditioners, fish tanks and even cat beds.

And what do we bring you today? A steam oven that costs less than 50 euros. For all those lovers of easy cooking.

This is Xiaomi's steam oven for less than 50 euros

Xiaomi steam oven

This Xiaomi steam oven costs less than 50 euros

As we read in Gizmochina, under the name MIJIA Smart Steam Oven, the Chinese brand has launched a “smart” steam oven via crowdfunding.

Intelligent because according to the company it has an intuitive temperature control and is that it is equipped with an NTC electronic temperature probe and an intelligent electronic temperature control system. This oven has a storage capacity of up to 12 liters and according to Xiaomi, prepares food so that it is crispy on the outside while being soft and tender on the inside. In addition, and thanks to the MIJIA app, it has a multitude of cooking recipes.

And as is customary in Xiaomi, the best thing about this oven is its price. 299 yuan which is about 46 dollars at the exchange. Worst? Which for a change is only available in Chinese territory.

This is not the only steam oven that Xiaomi has launched on the market. A few months ago he presented this model that had six cooking methods and that promised to cook a delicious roast chicken in just 35 minutes

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