Wombo is a new app that triumphs in networks by animating your photos and making them sing: this is how you use it

You may remember that we recently talked about the Deep Nostalgia feature on MyHeritage, a platform that allows us to animate old photos by transforming them into deepfakes. Similarly, a new mobile application called Wombo, is going viral in networks since it also allows animate photos.

The difference here is that Wombo calls itself "the first app of lip sync powered by the world's AI ", that is, an app that sync your lips to the sound of music and animate your photo so that it can be seen dubbing a song.

Put your selfies to sing ... and be scary

Wombo Animate Selfies

Wombo, which offers an app for both iOS and Android, performs quite well at what it promises: animating a portrait and making it sing. The app is free and gives you to choose from a good selection of well-known and popular songs.

All you have to do is download the app, take a selfie (you can also use the rear camera) or choose a photo from your gallery, choose a song from the list and wait for Wombo to process the image. This just takes a few seconds and then the video (of very low quality) is offered to you to share it on networks or save it on your mobile.

Of course, that it does what it says does not mean that it does it too well, the animation although it surprises by how well the lip synchronization with the song is, it also disturbs a bit by how weird facial expressions look. Wombo recommends that the photo be taken from the front, at eye level and preferably not showing the teeth.

The deepfakes that you believe with Wombo they will not fool almost anyone, it is obvious that they are false, unless you are very naive, but if it serves to laugh a good time and waste time, it makes sense that he is enjoying a good peak popularity for now.

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