"Wolverine", Google's top secret project to give users superhuman hearing

Google wants to give users superhuman hearing thanks to augmented reality. What is your latest secret project?

The name of the famous Marvel superhero with enhanced physical abilities and superhuman senses has been chosen by Google to name one of his most ambitious projects to date.

"Wolverine" is a project in which X Development, the semi-secret research and development division backed by Google, aims to give users give a sense of audio above the ordinary, using an already existing and booming technology such as augmented reality.


Wolverine is the name chosen by Google for one of its most ambitious projects to date.

A project that started in 2018

Sources close to the development of the project, whose beginnings date back to 2018, explain that to date, several prototypes have already been developed, and that "Wolverine" has obtained the approval of such important members of the Google leadership as co-founder Sergey Brin.

As explained in Business Insider, members of the company have stated that to this day it is still a project that is in an initial phase of its development, through which the future of hearing is being "explored."

It is known that, in its current state, "Wolverine" would be a device that users would wear in their ears, and that thanks to its sensors it would be able to carry out different applications, such as the possibility of focus your listening on a single audio source in environments where multiple conversations are taking place simultaneously. That, however, would be just one of the applications of this technology.

In 2019, the main person in charge of “X” already carried out a "Wolverine" performance demonstration, which was attended by some of the bosses of the search engine's company.

For now, it is not clear if this project will end up following the path of Google Glass and will become a product available to consumers, or if it will end up being suspended as has already happened with many other Google projects. In any case, sources indicate that "Wolverine" is not the only technology of this type in which the company works. Another team would be working on "Heimdallr", a wearable for the face that, by its name inherited from the Norse god, could be somehow related to vision capacity improvements.

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