with certificate, Cl @ ve system or via SMS

Social Security contributions are the contributions of economic resources that workers make to the Social Security System as a result of the exercise of a work activity and their inclusion in this system. In Spain, the self-employed are responsible for their contributions, but in the case of employees, companies are responsible to pay the contributions.

Paying the corresponding installments gives us rights to the protective action of the system through benefits, such as retirement or disability, that is why it is important that these are paid accordingly and we can know if our company is listed for us through a few simple procedures online.

Workers have the right to go to the General Treasury of Social Security and request a report of their contribution bases

You can know your quotes with a digital certificate, through Cl @ ve or via SMS

Ways of access to the application process for the contribution bases report

Ways of access to the application process for the contribution bases report.

First of all, it must be made clear that companies are obliged "to expose, in a prominent place in the workplace, at the disposal of the workers, within the month following the payment of the fees, the copy of the quotation document or authorized copy of the same. "Failure to comply with this mandate constitutes a Social Security offense that can be reported by workers to the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate and ending in an economic sanction.

In any case, Workers have the right to go to the General Treasury of Social Security and request a report on their contribution bases. This request, as we said, can be made online through the electronic headquarters by accessing the procedure Contribution bases report and through three ways:

  • Through the Cl @ ve system: If we use the Cl @ ve system (and if we cannot start doing it by following our guide), requesting the quotation bases report that allows us to know if our company is quoting for us is as simple as accessing by selecting said option, providing two details of the DNI that they request, enter the password that will arrive on the mobile to validate our identification and, once provided, the information will appear on the screen. We can also use the Permanent Cl @ ve by selecting the option Username + Password.

  • Electronic certificate: To do it with an electronic certificate we will need one accepted by Social Security and perform the usual identification in this type of case, that is, having the certificate installed, proceed to our identification through our credentials and ready, we will be able to access the report.

  • Via SMS: Finally, we can access by SMS taking into account that in order to access the service it is necessary that the data requested by the form of the Social Security electronic headquarters exactly match those registered in the body's database. If this is the case, we will receive a text message with an access code that we will have to enter in the electronic office itself to obtain the contribution bases report. If the data does not match, the web will tell us and we will have to proceed to make the appropriate changes by contacting the administration.

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The contribution bases report that we will obtain will show us our identification data, the settlement period corresponding to the month and year of the selected year, the Social Security regime to which these bases are attributed and, finally, the contribution bases themselves with the amounts of the bases declared by the companies.

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