will have to advise players looking to improve their space in the game

It might seem like a joke, but it seems to be serious: gardener wanted to work in Minecraft. WhatShed, which is defined as the largest independent buyer's guide to garden construction in the UK, searches through an ad for virtual landscape gardeners who will have as a mission "to provide professional advice to players looking to improve their outdoor space in the game" .

The position ensures that will be paid at just over £ 50 per hour, about 60 euros, will be remote and will require, among other skills, a good knowledge of Minecraft, good communication skills, creative ability ... And, although not essential, "previous experience in gardening will be valued". Although the important thing is that you like it.

The gardener's job for 'Minecraft' will be to advise players looking to improve their outer space in the game

Consulting with the gardener of Minecraft


Searching for candidates to recruit that "collective of virtual landscape gardeners" to which the company alludes, beyond having become an effective promotional campaign for the company that has published the offer, is drawing the attention of dozens of people in view of the comments that can be read in the offer.

The gardeners of Minecraft should assess the current situation of a client and give creative feedback, provide them with suggestions for settings that fit your budget, and explain the reasoning behind each of these options, explains the web.

Although 50 pounds per hour is proposed, from WhatShed they ensure that candidates will be able to set their own rates and work flexibly

The Church's umpteenth attempt to reach out to youth in the digital age is a Minecraft server

Being able to do everything described and also having the ability to create multiple designs for each client in case they want a redesign in the future, will allow them to earn those £ 50 per hour Or, as WhatShed points out, set your own rates and work flexibly. To apply for the position, there is a form in which candidates can leave their details.

The ad doesn't specify much else: nor when will the search and selection process last, nor how clients will be able to request the services of these professionals. Since Genbeta we have contacted the company for further information.

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