WhatsApp will copy and improve one of the best Telegram functions

Get ready, because one of the best Telegram features is about to land on WhatsApp, and with improved performance!

It has happened again, WhatsApp has been inspired by one of the most famous functions of Telegram to develop its next tool. WhatsApp users can be happy, because it is about one of the most requested functions to the messaging platform.

If you have ever refused to listen to a voice note because of its long duration, be careful, because WhatsApp will allow you speed up playback speed so you have to spend less time listening to it. This tool, one of the 103 Telegram functions that are not in WhatsApp, is already in the testing period, which allows us know some details about its operation.

WhatsApp and Telegram icons

WhatsApp is going to copy one of the Telegram functions ... and improve it.

So you can speed up WhatsApp audio notes

So far we have to resort to third-party apps to increase the speed of WhatsApp voice messages. This practice will end soon, as the platform is already preparing the arrival of the function that will allow speed up the playback speed of audio notes shared in conversations.

If you use Telegram, you will know that this service has already offered this same tool for years, so we could say that WhatsApp has returned to "Be inspired" by your direct rival to offer a more advanced experience to your users. It will not only copy the Telegram function, but will improve it.

How to listen to WhatsApp audios without the other person knowing

As always when it comes to exclusive information from WhatsApp, the details come from the hand of WABetaInfo, which already announced a few days ago that the platform would allow to accelerate the audio notes. Now extend your data with snapshots that let us see part of the appearance of this function.

For now, we know that the ability to change the playback speed of an audio will be available for both Android and iOS. In addition, there will be three different speeds: 1x, 1.5x and 2x.

However, we do not know how this function will be used or when will it reach the general public. At the moment, it is not available even for those who try the beta version of WhatsApp.

Seeing that the company is fully immersed in the development of this much-requested tool, we don't mind waiting a little longer to be able to enjoy it. By the way, we take the opportunity to ask WhatsApp to introduce the possibility of being able to navigate through other windows and apps without stopping the audio we are playing, as it is one of the functions that we miss the most in the application in relation to the audio notes.

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