WhatsApp Beta for Android starts testing its new tech support chat

It is surprising that to get in touch with the technical service of the most used messaging client in the world you have to use your email client to open an incident, but this is something that Whatsapp has started to change.

Through the latest beta version of WhatsApp we see that the company has begun to test its new tech support chat, a new feature that for the moment will only be available to a small group of users.

Chat with WhatsApp Support

Currently, if we are going to Settings> Help> Contact us, we can describe our problem, add screenshots, and if in your Help Center we could not find the answer to our question, we can send our problem through an email, automatically attaching the screenshots and device information in a ZIP.

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Now the company is testing its own support chatSomething surprising that it will take so long to arrive, especially when many companies have been using chat in their support centers for years.

Whatsapp Chat Support

The new assistance screen that is appearing in some users, after describing the problem we see that the "Follow" button informs that we will be answered through a chat. It will no longer send an email.

According to the first screenshots, WhatsApp will create a group chat whose name will be the number of the incident and there will only be two participants: our user and WhatsApp Support. So you will not have to change the application to see if the technical service answered your email.

In that new chat WhatsApp reports that will respond to our problem within 48 hours, also remembering the problem that we had described. So during the next hours and days in that chat we will be in contact with your technical service to solve the problem. When WhatsApp considers the problem to be solved, it will leave the conversation.

It is still unknown when this new support chat will arrive worldwide. At the moment it is only available for some users of WhatsApp Beta, so you will have to wait at least a few weeks.

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