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The new Windows 10 Terminal that is available since mid-2019, has just launched a major new update from its preview version. Windows Terminal Preview 1.7 is a release loaded with new features and improvements that we should soon see in the stable version.

But, if you want to test everything now, you can easily download this version from the Microsoft Store or from GitHub, and it will work completely separate from the stable version of the Windows terminal which will now go to version 1.6, that is, it is only one step behind.

What's New in Windows Terminal 1.7

Windows Terminal Preview

Windows Terminal Preview 1.7

Among the novelties of this version we can highlight the support for JSON fragment extensions, which means that now they can be download JSON snippets as extensions to modify user settings. You can create a folder that includes the JSON snippet file, as well as other items, such as background images to include in the extension.

Another novelty is that it is not necessary to manually edit the configuration JSON file to switch between color profiles in the Windows Terminal. From the Settings it is now possible change preset color schemes from a small selection available, and you can edit them to your liking or create your own directly from there.

Color Combinations

Preset color schemes for Windows Terminal

In fact, the GUI of Settings is the one that opens by default when using the Settings button next to the tabs, instead of opening the JSON file. Settings can also be opened using the shortcut CTRL +,.

An Actions section has also been added to the Settings that shows all the keyboard shortcuts that you can use in the terminal

Version 1.7 also brings improvements in window management, and it is now possible to configure new terminal windows to start in an existing instance. This can be done even with a new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + N.

The terminal now also supports read-only panels to prevent entry into a panel, which could be useful if you have a running process that you don't want to interrupt. In addition, a new setting has been added to automatically focus on a panel when the mouse pointer is passed over it.

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