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up to four people at the same time live

Little by little Instagram continues to implement new features, some homegrown and others "inspired" by other social networks. Already in his day he added the stories and the live events that Snapchat had, and now it just added a feature that clearly reminds us of the Twitch Group Squad.

And it is that the latest of the popular social network is called Live Rooms and, according to Instagram itself, it allows broadcast live with up to three people. Until now, as we know, only one user could be added in a live or "Direct" broadcast. Live Rooms will soon be available to all users globally.

More scope for your "live shows"

By allowing live broadcasts from four people, the goal of Live Rooms, as explained by Instagram is open more creative opportunities- From starting a talk show, co-creating with other artists, hosting Q&A sessions, crafting more engaging tutorials, or just hanging out with more friends.

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With Live Rooms, viewers will also be able to purchase host badges and use other interactive features such as shopping and live fundraisers. In addition, Instagram ensures that they are exploring more interactive tools, such as the moderator controls or audio functions that will be available in the coming months.

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To start a Live Room, you have to swipe to the left and choose the "Live" option. Then add a title and tap the 'Rooms' icon to add your guests. In addition to viewing the people who requested to broadcast with you, you can also search for a guest to add.

When you start a live room, the icon will remain at the top of the screen to add participants. As an announcer, you can add up to three guests at a time or one by one (For example, you can start with two guests and add a surprise guest as a third participant later.) Guest followers will also be notified of the broadcast, increasing the reach.

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Instagram assures that they have designed this new update keeping safety in mind. Therefore, people who are blocked by any of the active participants in the live room will not be able to join it. Neither are those users whose live access has been revoked due to violations. Features that are currently available to Live Room hosts, such as the option to report and block comments, and apply comment filters, will also be available to Live Room hosts.

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