Twitter will delete the accounts of users that it considers to have misinformed five times about the COVID-19 vaccine

Twitter say what wants to be a reliable source of information on the progress of the vaccination process and, to avoid misinformation, it could block users who spread hoaxes. Specifically, the new sanctions system announced wants to reduce the dissemination of information "Potentially harmful and misleading" within Twitter.

The social network can send up to five infringement notices and in the fifth it will permanently suspend the account. The company says that since they began to control disinformation around COVID-19 they have been permanently suspended 2,400 accounts and 11.5 million accounts have been consulted to confirm its authenticity.

How will Twitter know if a post should be infringed?


From now on, the social platform begins to apply labels to the Tweets that may contain potentially misleading information about COVID-19 vaccines. For COVID-19 related content be tagged or removed must be proven to promote claims that are not true; is manifestly false or misleading, according to widely available authoritative sources; and it is highly likely to affect public safety or cause serious harm.

These labels are applied first when company team members determine that content violates policy. These human-first appraisals will be used to inform automated tools, with the aim of advancing Twitter's ability to identify and tag similar content throughout the service, through automated review along with human review. "Machine learning and automated language processing take time to be effective," says the press release.

With the news announced now, repeated violations in this regard are applied based on the number of violations that an account has accumulated for violating the policy. No action will be taken on the first notice of violation. With the second violation notice, the account is locked for 12 hours. At the third warning the account is blocked for 12 hours again. On the fourth notice, the block will be 7 days. TO as of the fifth notice of infringement there will be a permanent suspension of a Twitter account.

According to those responsible for the social network, “people will be notified directly if a tag or required removal from a post result in additional application at the account level ”. The battle of this company against disinformation due to the pandemic already began in March 2020.