Twitter tests online sales through tweets

Twitter has confirmed that it is testing a new way to display tweets that link to product sales websites on-line. The posts include a button that says Buy and integrate the details of the product that is offered directly in the tweet itself, along with the name of the product, the name of the store and the price.

The experiment was discovered by Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, who tweeted screenshots of this experiment, as you can see in the cover photo. The author of the publication was able to see this experiment on an Android device, as explained to TechCrunch medium that in addition received confirmation from the social network that you are actually testing this possible function that links your platform with ecommerce websites.

Yet another function within Twitter's plans to be a platform for creators


Twitter has spent years with the idea of ​​being a tool that works for creators (for example, in 2016 it announced that they could upload, manage and publish multimedia content more easily and news in content monetization). Those plans are taking shape with the latest announcements made, which could be joined in the near future by tweets with links to online stores.

You have to remember that a few days ago, the platform announced the subscription "Super Follow", which will allow users to subscribe to their favorite accounts and pay in exchange for being able to access extra content and offers.

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At the beginning of February, Twitter began offering the opportunity to writers or other content creators to send your own newsletter through this social network. This is a new tool created by Revue, the company it acquired in January.

Exploration still in early stage


It should be remembered that during Investor Day held last week, the company also briefly mentioned its plans for future ecommerce features, although he did not get to give many details. Specifically, what Bruce Falck, Revenue Product Leader, said was: "we're ... starting to explore ways to better support commerce on Twitter".

"We know that people turn to Twitter to interact with brands and talk about their favorite products. In fact, you may have even noticed that some companies are already developing creative ways to enable sales on our platform"He explained. Another of his quotes about it was" Imagine being able to easily discover and quickly buy a new product (...) from a brand you follow with just a few clicks. "

Of course, he warned investors that, although Twitter was "excited about the potential of the trade", this is something that was still in the "very early exploration phase".

It remains to be seen if these tests come to fruition. The bluebird platform has already spoken on many occasions, throughout its history, of being a social network where it is possible to sell online. Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twiter, participated in a conference in 2011 where he mentioned that one way to monetize the platform could be to facilitate the sale of products and services.

In 2015, after more than a year of testing and shortly after YouTube announced the inclusion of a shopping button In his videos, Twitter activated his as a test with several companies with which he teamed up in the United States.