Twitter is working on undoing the sending of a recently published tweet, although what is expected is that it will add being able to edit them

Probably one of the most anticipated functions by Twitter users is be able to edit the tweets. Making a publication, seeing an error after it is made, that already has some impact and has been shared by someone with many followers and not knowing whether to leave it with the error or delete the tweet even if it already has many “likes” and “retweets”, is something happens.

However, we will have to keep waiting while the platform does work on another novelty that can be very useful in this regard: quickly delete a newly posted tweet.

Jane Manchun Wong, engineer, who is dedicated to analyzing the source code of apps and who uses precisely Twitter to share your findings, showed how this function could be that Twitter is working on: when that “your tweet has been sent” appears right after you give to publish, you can press on undo and the recent post will be removed.

The advantage of this option is that, if you have accidentally published something, or have realized that the post has some error just when publishing it, you can remove it from your network quickly. The possibility that you now have is to access your profile and delete. But that takes a few seconds too much that can make your tweet visible to many people, especially if you have a profile with many followers.

It is not the first time that this possible function has been discussed


It should be noted, as xda-developers recalls, that this is not the first time we have heard about the undo submission function. In July of last year, Matt Navarra, social media analyst, revealed that Twitter was considering offering the undo button as part of your subscription service.

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That leak from Navarra claimed that the undo function would give users a 30-second window to undo the sending of a tweet. However, at its event a few days ago, on Investor Day, where the firm presented news, it made no mention of this possibility. So it can be, as engineer Machun Wong, who is still working for it, has discovered.