Top 8 free Google Play apps for hiking and route planning

When hiking, you need an excellent route planning that guarantees you safety and helps you enjoy the best experience and contact with the nature.

Although you can make your walk through the mountain leaning on a topographic map, you can also let technology be a great companion on your journey.

Currently, there are different mobile applications specialized in hiking and to make routes that will make your trip much easier and unforgettable.

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For this reason, we have made a selection with the most outstanding ones that you can find in the Google Play Store so that you can start exploring places never seen before. If you want to know what they are, join us to discover them.

The best apps for hiking and planning routes for free

  • Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation
  • Strava GPS - Racing and Cycling
  • AllTrails: Hiking Trails Bike Trail Running
  • Komoot - Maps: Cycling and Hiking
  • Relive: Run, Pedal and more
  • Gaia GPS
  • Cairn: Hiking & Outdoor Trail Safety
  • Bergfex routes & GPS hiking cycling race

This list of free hiking apps Not only will they help you improve your cardiovascular health, but it will also help you plan and find hiking trails on your mobile.

And if you are passionate about all this incredible world and taking long walks through the trails and mountains, do not forget to also download these apps to search and identify mushrooms and even to configure rain and storm alerts and alarms in case of bad weather.

Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation

Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation

Discover routes around the world with Wikiloc

When you talk about mobile apps for hiking, it is necessary to consider Wikiloc. One of the best alternatives to discover hiking trails and other activities like running, MTB, Kayak and many more.

The best of Wikiloc App is that you can visualize topographic maps of the whole world free and offline or offline, record your routes, add waypoints and among other options. All this in its version without payment, even so, you can try the Premium option, which offers you incredible additional functionalities such as live tracking and syncing with other devices to connect with friends and explore nature together.

Strava GPS - Racing and Cycling

Strava GPS racing and cycling

Strava GPS for those who love racing, bicycles or just sports

Is a free hiking app one of the most popular among lovers of outdoor sport. Its operation is very similar to that offered by Wikiloc, with the difference that allows you manage your routes from the web platform.

Track your activities, walks and walks and share it with your friends, as it also works as a social network for lovers of these outdoor sports and share experiences, routes, images and more. If you wish, it also has a Premium version which offers some extra options.

AllTrails: Hiking Trails Bike Trail Running

AllTrails Hiking Trails Bike Trail Running

AllTrails is an activity guide for parks and nature

It is a free trekking app perfect for choosing your next destination. It has more than 10,000 trails and tourist routes that you can choose for the next adventure. In addition, in its free version you can create your own routes with GPS tracking, save them or share them with other hikers.

Choose from different hiking maps to follow circular or linear routes more than 100,000 trekking routes around the world. If you wish, its premium version gives you the possibility of download offline routes and even design and print your own maps.

Komoot - Maps: Cycling and Hiking


If you're hiking lover, nature walks, MTB, cycling or running, then Komoot is an application that you cannot miss on your mobile. It is the perfect option to enjoy a voice guided navigation through different routes and according to each discipline, even offline.

Accede to valuable information such as maps, strategic places or favorites of other athletes offline, without forgetting that you can share your advicehighlights, experiences and shots to add value to the adventures of others. Is totally free and has great compatibility with other devices so that the experience is unforgettable.

Relive: Run, Pedal and more

Relive Run, Pedal and more

Relive is an app for hiking and outdoor activities

It does not matter if you want to hike, cycle through the mountains or just do some outdoor activity, Relive it helps you to share your experience and meet other users through stories told in 3D videos.

As if that were not enough, you can record your activities with GPS about your routes and routes, get key statistics and your location in real time, all in your free version. If you want to access more advanced functions, you can enjoy the Premium version. It is an excellent choice for know stories of tours and publicize yours.

Gaia GPS

Gaia GPS for hiking

Explore nature with Gaia GPS in an incredible way

Gaia GPS is a hiking app free perfect for you. It has different public and personal hiking trails that you can use for your adventures. In addition, it is constantly updated, which is ideal when meeting any update on routes.

its location system is very accurate and it works perfectly offline with little consumption of your mobile resources, especially the battery. Its free version is very complete, but you can also choose a premium version with some extra features that are totally worth the subscription.

Cairn: Hiking & Outdoor Trail Safety


One of the most important aspects when it comes to hiking is safety and for this, you can count on Cairn. An app specially designed for your peace of mind, since it is capable of collecting coverage information on your mobile and shows you other points where you can have reception.

And do not worry if for some reason your mobile turns off, runs out of coverage or without battery, since Cairn It has a notification system that will continue to work and will send your emergency contact latest locations where the app logs in. A perfect app for your safety at all times.

bergfex routes & GPS hiking cycling running

bergfex routes & GPS hiking cycling running

This is one of the best applications for routes and GPS tracking

bergfex / routes it is one of the best hiking apps, cycling, running ..., free, although it also has a Pro version for a price of 9.99 euros / year, which will help you find the perfect trekking or hiking route for your next adventure between more than 70,000 different alternatives.

The users of this platform are certified or tourism-related users, making sure that the experience when riding each route is incredible. If it is not enough, when choosing a tour, you will find very interesting additional information, from Indispensable tips and advice from the author of the route, as well as strategic places and even equipment recommendations necessary.

With these applications, you can now enjoy hiking like never before, plot your routes and create unforgettable outdoor experiences individually or in a group, with your friends or millions of sports fans. outdoor sport like you. If you liked this article, take a look at these best apps for going for a walk.

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