Top 3 Reasons iPhone Users Switch to Android

Screen, camera and battery.

In the world of mobile telephony there are two types of users, those who have an Android terminal and those who use an iPhone. However, it has always been said that iPhone owners are much more loyal to the brand than those of Android and that once they try the Apple ecosystem, they usually do not leave it.

And despite all this fidelity, there is a small number of users who, even having tried Apple, have no problem returning to Android devices. Why? Well, for three main reasons according to Gizchina.

Why does an iPhone user switch to Android

iPhone 12 Pro Blue

For what reasons do you go from iPhone to Android?

Although the iPhone are the best-selling terminals and excellent options for anyone looking for a smartphone that will last for years and years, they are not perfect.

The top three reasons an iPhone user switches to Android is because the screens, the photographic section and better batteries. The point is that Android offers a greater variety of devices to users, which Apple does not.

If you want a certain screen size, you can choose between several different models. The same if you want a phone with a battery that lasts up to two days. The iPhone is the iPhone, with its pros and cons. Question of priorities.

To these three reasons, we must add that Android also offers a greater variety of designs as well as a much more open operating system that allows the user to personalize their device to unsuspected limits and the latter for many consumers, is what declines the balance in favor of the Google system.

Despite all of the above, iPhone sales are expected to exceed 60 million units in the first quarter of this year alone, reaching 150 million units sold before March 31, 2021. So that we can see the scope of these numbers, they are 38% more than last year.

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