This website lets us place the Ever Given ship on the Suez Canal anywhere in the world to see how huge it really is.

The Ever Given freighter has had the Suez Canal blocked for nearly six days, costing $ 57 billion. It is something that is reported by the website "Is that ship still stuck?", Which we already talked about days ago. In it it is also told that It has been floating a bit for about four hours, after the deliming work.

It is great news that the Suez Canal ship start moving, but for those of us who still do not get an idea of ​​how great it is, a curious developer has created Ever Given Ever Ywhere a website that consists of leaving us place the Suez Canal ship and its 400 meters in length anywhere in the world appear on Google Maps. And that we have done.

Enjoy searching for benchmarks to compare with the gigantic size of the Ever Given

Garret dash nelson He thought why not be able to take the Ever Given anywhere in the world, and when we open the web we see it on the Hudson River in New York. Searching on the map is not possible, so we will have to go manually to find our reference site.

Delight in the mess caused by the stranded ship in the Suez Canal with these 11 images

In that sense, it even becomes a game that will test our orientation and geography skills, unless we go to coastal points. When we reach the chosen point, the web allows us to rotate the ship, and adjust it to scale, so that it is at its real size compared to the elements on the map.


In the first place we have chosen to put it in two points of Seville, the Guadalquivir river next to the Maestranza bullring and in the Port of Seville. Then, as a server is from Huelva, he has chosen to place it next to the gigantic phospho-gypsum of Huelva, which are practically another city.

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