This website groups together all the surveys carried out in Spain for general, regional and municipal elections

The survey, election and demographic analyst Endika Nuñez, who is also an engineer, has created in his blog about current and political data, TheElectoralReport, a section in which gathers the latest electoral polls in Spain for future general, regional and municipal elections. Information that, he promises, is updated every hour.

The main objective of its publication is to offer survey and demographic analysis, elections and electoral predictions, and with this aggregator of the latest electoral surveys it intends to offer a follow-up of political polls carried out on the Spanish electorate and a way to compare their evolution over time. A bottomless well of information for fans of electoral demos.

A bottomless well of information for fans of electoral demos

Surveys grouped in the same table

Image of the table with the latest electoral polls carried out in Spain

Nuñez keeps track of the surveys to dump them in a common table in which all appear. Using this tool, users are able to filter surveys by type —that is, if they are state, autonomous or municipal— and territory —both at the level of the autonomous community, such as province or municipality—, in addition to searching by specific terms.

The wanted can come in handy, for example, to find the name of a political formation that, due to its territorial scope, will only appear in a type of survey circumscribed to a specific territory. A quick way to locate your voting intention.

Users can filter the surveys by type (if they are state, autonomous or municipal) and territory (both at the level of the autonomous community, such as province or municipality); and you can also use a search engine

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In the table, to facilitate its visualization, each line is a survey and it indicates the type of survey, if it is at the state, regional, provincial or municipal level, which is the company or the polling medium and, it would be complex to show all the political parties and their results, is displayed in a column named Advantage what is the winning match and the distance it has with respect to the second most voted.

To expand this information, just click on the button + and we will be able to see the percentage obtained by the rest of political formations. And if we want to go to the source, the survey in question is linked to the name of the media or the polling company. The visualization from mobile devices varies, showing in each line only the pollster and the column Advantage, although expanding the information, again, is as simple as clicking the button +.

Finally, it should be noted that TheElectoralReport It also allows you to download polls, get the average of general election polls, and discover a pollster ranking. Endika Nuñez also shares much of her work on GitHub.

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