This simple macOS trick can improve the WiFi signal of your Mac (Intel or M1) almost magically

There is a constant that is repeated in computing that is to blame the hardware for the malfunction of some characteristic or technology of the equipment. In many cases, the fault ends up being the software or drivers that control it. This is what happens in macOS and Macs with WiFi, which can be very slow due to problematic network settings.

In our case, with a 300 Mbps WiFi that perfectly reached an iPhone and a Huawei P30, we experienced that a MacBook Air M1 with a totally clean installation of macOS Big Sur only received 9 Mbps download depending on the moment, even when it was located next to the router. We started testing solutions that didn't work like changing the router channel, and we came up with a "magic" trick that couldn't be easier to test. You do not lose anything by trying.

Today we will tell you how to fix the Wi-Fi of your Mac and improve the signal, and what can work, especially if you have proven that now it is worse than before without having touched anything.

How to improve the speed and signal of the WiFi of the Mac if it has worsened

As we said, The trick that we are going to tell can help improve the connection if it has worsened, but where there is none, it cannot be taken, and if the WiFi signal is bad for any device, it will also be bad for the Mac.


To start the process to improve the WiFi, we will have to go to System Preferences -> Network. Once there, we will have to remove the WiFi connection interface by clicking on the subtraction symbol that we see in (2) of the image. Once the Wi-Fi interface is removed, you have to apply the settings in the 'Apply' button on the right.

After this, our computer will not have WiFi. However, getting it back, and hopefully faster than before, will be as easy as hitting the plus symbol (+), selecting Wi-Fi from the new menu, and naming our new WiFi connection, which it is recommended that it be called "Wi-Fi", as in the image, instead of Wi-Fi (2) and others that may be suggested.

Wifi 2

Once the connection is created, "Wi-Fi" will reappear in the list on the left. In order to navigate, we will have to press the "Apply" button again in the lower right part of the window so that, worth the redundancy, the changes are applied.

WiFi hack

At 6:05 in the afternoon we made the adjustment explained in the article, and everything was fixed.

After doing this, our team went from speed test results (under the same server) that ranged from mediocre 9 Mbps to 50 Mbps to 300 Mbps shown. Curiously, our problems were in the downstream channel, not upstream.