This online store sells mobiles without Google and with a pro-privacy Open Source operating system

This online store sells "Android" phones without a Google trace.

All of us here are Android fans, of all its advantages and the freedom that this operating system offers its users compared to the competition, more specifically with Apple's iOS.

However, being a fan of Android should not go hand in hand with being a fan of Google and it is that despite the fact that the company of the great G has very popular services and tools such as Gmail, Google Maps or YouTube, many users do not agree with the way in which the Mountain View company treats our data.

Unfortunately Android today is unfeasible without Google and if not that they tell the latest models presented by Huawei. However, How about acquiring some of the most popular smartphones without Google's trace and with a pro-privacy Open Source operating system? Now it is possible.

Phones without Google and with an operating system that prioritizes privacy

Google Play Store

Can you live without Google on an Android smartphone?

As we read in Ars Technica, it is now possible to use smartphones with an open source “Android” version and without Google's trace.

The eSolutions online store sells multiple devices with operating system / e / OS, a custom version of Android based on Lineage and microG open source projects. At first they only sold in Europe but now also in the United States.

Previously, if someone wanted a free device from Google, they had to resort to installing custom ROMs with the risk that this entails, especially if we were not knowledgeable in the matter. Now we can buy them directly and enjoy them in a Google-free environment right out of the box.

On the web some models are sold such as the Fairphone 3, Fairphone3 + and Gigaset GS290 (only in Europe) with this operating system, also committing to offer three years of software and security updates. They also sell some models like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + at a price of 380/430 dollars respectively. A fairly competitive price indeed, more considering the promise of three years of updates.

Despite being a small selection of models, the store hopes that the terminal catalog can grow over time. Without a doubt, it is a good way to get rid of Google at a more than correct price.

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