This new Motorola feature "only" can be enjoyed by 50,000 people around the world

Motorola updates its mobiles to make them more accessible thanks to two new languages

Only about 50,000 people around the world use the languages Kaingang and Nheengatu. Nevertheless, Motorola has decided to include support for these two in its terminals indigenous languages ​​originating from Latin America.

After presenting the new Moto G100 and Moto G50, the company announced that, after the arrival of the update to Android 11 to all your mobilesThese will include these two languages ​​within the Android native language menu, providing a more accessible experience with their terminals.

Motorola Edge S screen

The front of a Motorola mobile.

Two new languages ​​available on Motorola mobiles

Language Kaingan is originally from a farming community in southeastern Brazil –Country in which Motorola has a 21% market share–. And since only half of the community still uses it, UNESCO has included it in its list of languages in danger of disappearing, because children no longer learn it as a first language.

On the other hand, the Nheengatu community is made up of about 20,000 people, the majority residing in the Amazon. Of these, only about 6,000 continue to use the language that gives their community its name.

As they explain in The Verge, the two communities have access to mobile devices, and despite not always having an Internet connection, the smartphones have become an important educational tool.

Motorola explains that, for the majority of mobile users, the inclusion of these two options it will be just "one more option" in the language menu. However, it can be a big game changer for those in these communities with access to smartphones.

To use one of these two languages, users will only have to choose them in the list of languages ​​of the initial configuration of the phones, or by accessing the language change menu. We trust that more and more firms decide to join this initiative and integrate a greater variety of languages ​​into their mobiles, including minority languages ​​such as Kaingang and Nheengatu.

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