This lightweight Google app has already been downloaded 500 million times

This application, intended for mobile phones with limited resources, thus joins other Google apps that had already reached this incredible figure.

The Google offices are celebrating, one of their lightweight applications has exceeded the magnificent figure of 500 million downloads in the Google Play Store. Yes, it is one of those applications developed by the company with a specific focus on users with mobile phones with limited resources and low-speed Internet connections.

We do not lengthen the mystery any longer, the lucky one is… Google Go! That's right, the simplest mobile navigation application has already exceeded 500 million downloads, proving that it is a success among users. But what features have catapulted this app to fame? Let's see it.

Google go

Google Go, the lightweight navigation app, has exceeded 500 million downloads.

The lucky one is… Google Go!

Google has a new app that adds to an impressive 500 million downloads. This is Google Go, the lightweight browser developed for mobile phones with lower capabilities that other browsers such as Google Chrome cannot move reliably. If we take into account that in November 2019 barely collected 100 million downloads, we can conclude that the platform experienced significant growth in 2020.

As we see in its description in the Google Play Store, Google Go is a browser to search for information in a simpler and faster way, allowing a saving of up to 40% of the data.

Thus, even if you have an advanced mobile, you can use this app if you want to save data on your rate when browsing without a WiFi connection. In addition, as a good lightweight application that it is, Google Go does not require much space on your mobile phone, since its size is barely 7 MB.

Do not think that because of its small size and being a simple navigation application in Google Go, you will not find the most important functions of a browser. For example, with this app you can perform voice searches, use image recognition from Google Lens or access the Discover screen. We leave you with some screenshots so you can see the Google Go interface.

Google went on the market in 2017 under the name Search Lite for join Android Go, Google's project to bring Android to lower-end mobile phones. If you are one of those millions of users who use Google Go, we encourage you to find the easter egg that hides and continue to use the application to surf the net while saving space and memory.

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