this is your new update cycle

Google has been releasing a new version of Chrome every six weeks, offering users more security, stability and new features faster. Then the biweekly security updates and now the company announces a new milestone after launching Chrome 89.

The Chronium team looks poised to speed up the release cycle of their browser, announcing that they plan to release a stable version every four weeks.

Chrome for Android will update every four weeks

Will be from the third trimester this year with the launch of Chrome 94So there are still five versions to go before Google's web browser is updated almost every month.

Chrome flags: what they are and how to activate Chrome's experimental features

Google does not want users to have to wait as long to receive new improvements and news as is currently the case, so by the end of the year we will have every two weeks a security update to fix important problems and every four weeks an update with new features and all security fixes.

Google wants to update all versions of its browser for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome OS at the same time. The company has already updated its release schedule so that we know in advance when the update to each new version is expected. The next Chrome update is expected in six weeks, in mid-April. From September we can see how Google wants to launch a new stable version every four weeks.

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