This is the special Chinese edition of the Xiaomi Mi 11 aimed only at women

Only for the Chinese market and apparently as a promotional pack, but Xiaomi has created this "Queen's Day Special Edition" designed specifically for women and with its Mi 11 as the main protagonist.

A few weeks ago Xiaomi introduced us in Spain to his new Mi 11, a flagship updated to the times that was placed in the pole position to become the best smartphone on the market below 1,000 euros, or at least that is the impression that Andro4all takes with the device.

In any case, it seems that in their native country those responsible for Xiaomi have wanted to add more value to their mobile more performance seeking to offer extra incentives, and that is special editions can be seen in China that in our markets we have not seen, as she is curious "Queen's Day Edition" designed specifically for women, and that comes complete with accessories as well as loaded with hot topics with lots of pink ... and even a lipstick!

Xiaomi Mi 11 special edition for women in China

With a lot of pink and loaded with topics, Xiaomi has in China a special edition of the Mi 11 for women.

It was presented to us by Xiaomi Addicts a few days ago, following information from the Chinese online medium, and far from wanting to enter into controversies we just want to show you how different the Chinese market is and how brands approach their target audiences, trying to offer offer packs specifically for each type of user.

Not that a girl needs a smartphone or pink accessories, far from it, but Xiaomi has come up with this curious promotional pack, which apparently will be delivered free of charge in China, designed specifically for women and including even a facial cleanser and a Givenchy lipstick.

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Actually, it's about a special edition that does not appear to be marketed directly, and which will only be available in China as a free promotion at various events that the Haidian firm is developing, perhaps to bring your technology and your brand closer to a female audience that doesn't seem to get that close to Xiaomi.

The funny thing is that this pack developed between Xiaomi and Qualcomm is delivered in a promotional box in pastel shades with absolute prominence to the color pink, including inside not only the ** Mi 11 **, but also the most modern Xiaomi wireless headphones, the Redmi AirDots 3... Guess what color?

Xiaomi Mi 11 special edition for women in China

A complete box with accessories for the mobile, and even a red lipstick.

The promotion does not end here, because to accompany them, a Mijia Sonic Cleanser facial cleanser in the form of a skin brush, along with a Givenchy lipstick in color Le Rouge Nº888 that completes a pack as you can see loaded with topics rositas but equally interesting for a market very different from ours.

As we say, it doesn't look like we're going to see it in any market outside of China, and the truth is that we will not see it in stores as such, but only accompanying Xiaomi's own marketing events where offering these gift packages means something better ... Will there be one for boys in blue and accompanied by a ball?

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