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It has taken, but LG has finally confirmed which phones in its catalog will receive the update to Android 11.

It is clear that LG It is not the fastest brand to update its phones to Android 11. In fact, at this point in 2021, only one of its phones has received the update - the LG Velvet, and it is only available in several regions. Despite this, the firm continues with its planning, and has now announced the calendar of updates to Android 11 for your devices.

It has done so through its support web page, and it includes the list with LG mobiles that will receive Android 11, and the estimated dates when they will do so. This calendar refers to the brand upgrade plans in EuropeSo if you live in a different region, the update will likely arrive on a different date.

The LG Wing

The LG Wing, one of last year's technological innovations.

The LG phones that will update to Android 11, and when they will

The list is not particularly large in terms of models. LG has confirmed that there will be 7 LG mobiles that will update to the most recent version of the operating system, starting with the Velvet 5G, which will do so in April. In this way, the list is as follows:

  • LG Velvet 5G - April 2021
  • LG G8X - second quarter of 2021
  • LG Velvet 4G - second quarter of 2021
  • LG G8s - third quarter of 2021
  • LG Wing - fourth quarter of 2021
  • LG K52 - fourth quarter of 2021
  • LG K42 - fourth quarter of 2021

It is striking, above all, that the owners of the LG Wing, a mobile whose original price was more than 1,000 euros, have to wait until the last quarter of the year to be able to enjoy the changes and improvements introduced by Android 12. It is also surprising that the LG V60, a high-end launched in early 2020, is not present on this list.

And it is even more striking when it was LG itself who announced the opening of its first global software center several years ago, through which it was aspired to ** greatly reduce the wait between the arrival of each new version of the system. operational to their mobiles.

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