this is the new trend with which art can change forever

In recent days, a new trend has caught the eye on Twitter. The sale of crypto art and tweets that, thanks to blockchain technology and especially non-fungible tokens (NFT) they are being sold through the social network. And even more curious is that Jack Dorsey, the creator of the social network, is selling a tweet of his and the bid has reached 2.5 million dollars (and has not finished yet).

Dorsey asked his followers this weekend, "Do you want to buy this tweet?" and put up for sale its first message published through Twitter in 2006 (where it said "Just setting up my twttr"), in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). This gave way to a millionaire auction Through the Valuables website, launched three months ago to sell tweets using these NFT mechanisms.

Looking at the auction it appears that the CEO I had already opened this bid a few months agoBut the fact that Dorsey decided to tweet this information on his profile on Saturday attracted all users' attention. So much so that it reached the offer of two million dollars by Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron. As of today, Monday, March 8, the figure has risen to 2.5 million.

Even if it is sold, the publication will continue on the social network Although it will be owned by whoever bids the most in the auction. In 2020, more than 400 tweets were sold through the platform, and a total of $ 75,000 was offered in those auctions.

It is also being used to sell art

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Just yesterday, our colleague Toni Castillo shared on his Twitter profile how an NFT of Jack butcher, an animated line from Michelangelo, began by offering for 1,618 ETH at @withFND and has finished sold for 33,888, just over $ 57,000 at the time of purchase, after an auction that took place last weekend.

What is the NFT

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NFTs were initially created on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, now now however, they are available on many other blockchains, such as EOS, TRON, and NEO, and they have many use cases. NFTs can represent digital collectibles, artwork, or game assets.

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No two NFTs are the same. They are unique digital assets. Unlike the vast majority of cryptocurrencies that exist, they have not been designed to operate as money. An NFT can be considered as a collectible token associated with some particular item.

For example, a fungigle method is one euro. You can exchange this euro for a different euro but you will stay with the same value. A non-fungible token is a unique collectible and if you exchange it for another NFT you will get something different than what you have. A non-expendable good is something with a different and unique value. You can exchange it for another NFT but you will never get exactly the same.