this is the new function they prepare

We often talk a lot about end-to-end encryption in instant messaging, but end-to-end encryption of backups is rarely talked about as much. In the case of those that are made in the cloud, WhatsApp recognizes that "while they are in Google Drive", "backed up content and messages are not protected by end-to-end encryption".

This reality may be close to change, because as usual, from WaBetaInfo they have accessed a new function in which WhatsApp is working, and it is none other than the possibility of encrypting the backup copies that go with passwords, just as it can be seen in the beta screenshots.

A password that is not sent to WhatsApp

The novelty will be applied in the cloud, but backups that are stored locally on devices will also benefit from this extended security. The problem is that, until now, although the data was encrypted, it was not end-to-end, so someone could decrypt it if they had the right tools or just the key.

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In the case of backups that go to iCloud Drive, the iPhone equivalent of the backup in Google Drive (where for Google they do not take up space), WhatsApp will also enable the use of the password (at least eight characters) for encryption. That password, as expected, will be needed to restore all WhatsApp data by the user.

The problem that arises from this is that, unlike if we stop remembering the iCloud or Google Drive password, We will not be able to generate a new password, so forgetting it is losing our cloud data. Such strong security also implies, and not badly, outcomes like that.