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After launching your own image gallery, the powerful search tool Google Lens continues to receive news and this time improving its integration in the application Google Photos.

Since Google Lens came to our phones in 2017, its integration in Google Photos had not changed in these more than three years, until today. Google has integrated Lens tools into the Google Photos menu.

Search within this photo

Google Photo Lens

Now, if an image contains texts, so proactive the new section will appear "Search within this photo" that integrates Google Lens tools. Until now, its integration in Google Photos was limited to showing a direct access to Lens from the image viewer.

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This novelty appears when we open an image and slide up to open its information and options menu. There now we can directly access the tools of copy text, search, listen, translate or copy on a computer.

In images without texts, this new Google Lens integration does not currently appear. The sale of this integration is that it allows us to open Lens directly with the action we want to perform. For example, if we click on 'Listen', as soon as you open the image in Lens it will begin to reproduce the reading of your texts.

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