this is how this wants to be the new social network of "good vibes"

In February, a new social network arrived on the virtual scene: ChekMarc, whose mission is to connect people who want to help or support others, regardless of where they are in the world and looking for positive and constructive experiences and interactions. Its main objective is avoid bullying, bad language, negativity, trolls and other negative interactions that social networks accustom us to.

To do this, Marc Kaplan, CEO and co-founder, explained to ZDnet that the platform invest a lot of money in moderating the community to provide an environment where users feel safe and are encouraged to share and contribute their knowledge and ideas.

A space where you can feel confident


In the world imagined by the creators of ChekMarc, people are looking for how getting started in a career field or starting a business, how to improve your skills or who want advice for something like improving their physical appearance, writing their first book or starting their own restaurant, they can consult others and find on the platform people who are experts and willing to help and offer constructive ideas, advice and support.

As a curiosity, its co-founder He spent 15 years being part of Deloitte and is specialized in the relaunch of companies with problems and in the development of strategies for a workforce of more than 12,000 employees in risk consulting and financial advisory services. Therefore, their approach is directed towards those people who have ideas and dreams and are looking for a community that will empower them and not criticize them (something so common in social networks).

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According to Kaplan, this social network is "self-financed, which means that we are not under pressure from investors to rush things towards income ”and avoid raising money from venture capital companies, to have room for maneuver to continue developing ChekMarc“ with peace of mind and observing what works and the problems that arise in the purpose of this "good roll" to which they aspire.

Complaints raised by social media

i hate fb

Social networks are essential in people's lives (you just have to look at the large adoption figures that these platforms present around the world) but, at the same time, They are also the focus of complaints and criticism.

Even Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has criticized how social networks are allowing disinformation to be able to collect more personal information. According to the manager, social networks prioritize "conspiracy theories and incitement to violence ”simply because they are issues that involve more people in those conversations. In this way, the companies that manage these social platforms have the opportunity to collect more personal information from citizens.

Another curious fact is a study published in July of last year, carried out by a consultancy for two years and commissioned by Facebook, which stated that the decisions that the company has made in recent years have caused "tremendous setbacks" for civil rights ". They saw that a social network is incapable of "promoting equality and fighting discrimination, while safeguarding freedom of expression. "And one of the big problems that this report saw is how Facebook serves to spread hateful messages.

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