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this is how the procedure is carried out

If you have received a DGT traffic fine, that is, from the General Directorate of Traffic, you should know that you can easily pay it online through the electronic headquarters of this government body responsible for the implementation of road policy in Spain

And first of all you should know the most important thing: the deadlines. Because the voluntary payment period - or in other words, the period in which you can pay the penalty with a reduction of up to 50% - comprises the first 20 calendar days since the complaint was notified to you, that is, since it came to you. Once this phase has passed, the ordinary period of up to 45 days after notification begins, in which the full fine is paid.

If we pay a fine from the DGT before 20 days we can save up to 50% of the financial penalty imposed

After the ordinary period, the fine must be paid with a 20% surcharge and that it is paid will no longer be in charge of the DGT, but the State Tax Administration Agency.

Pay a fine online, the process

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Access to the procedure for the payment of fines at the DGT's electronic headquarters.

We must bear in mind that to pay traffic fines online We must have both the date of notification of the sanction and the file number of the same. These two data are essential because they are what will allow us, together with the number of our identity document, our name and our email, to make the payment through the process.

We can access the process from this direct link or, from From the main page of the General Directorate of Traffic website we must access the electronic office from the link located in the upper right part, then place the mouse or click on the option Fines from the top menu and then access Payment of fines. Once on that website, we can choose to access the service through the Cl @ ve system or without a certificate, the most recommended option.

To pay a fine from the DGT online, we can access the payment process through the electronic headquarters or read the QR code that incorporates the sanctions of this body

Sanction N File And Date 1

Example of a fine from the General Directorate of Traffic. / DGT

Digital certificate vs electronic DNI vs Cl @ ve system: how they differ and which one suits you best according to your needs

A easiest option is to read the QR code that we will find in the fine and that will lead us directly to the process. In the coming weeks, in addition, it will also be possible to pay the sanctions through the miDGT application.

In any case, with the data that they ask us entered, we must indicate the total amount of the sanction and the website itself, depending on the moment in which we start the process (within the voluntary or ordered period), will tell us how much we have to pay. To make the payment, it is important to know, we will need a credit or debit card.

It is important to note that if you pay the traffic fine during the voluntary period, those 20 days that we mentioned after the notification, it is understood that you renounce to present allegations. Finally, it is interesting to note that if we have the Cl @ ve system and choose to identify ourselves We will not only be able to pay the fine in question, but also know if we have other pending payment, as well as seeing the history of sanctions that have been imposed on us.