This is how I manage my subscriptions to Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Prime Video and others to see everything I want while spending less money

The announcement of the arrival or internationalization of new streaming platforms such as HBO Max or Paramount +, together with those that arrived last year, such as Disney +, usually generate a rejection reaction. The following is usually add up the monthly or annual cost of all platforms and be amazed at the final quality.

That was the vision of a server until I thought that I have much less money and, above all time, I want to see everything. So, after having read some thoughts about it, I drew up a plan that to this day has allowed me not only to save but to squeeze more out of the wardrobe of the platforms.

Planning is the foundation of everything


The method is not very mysterious. It consists, through planning, in choosing which series I want to see from each platform. After that, choose which streaming services I want to always be with me, and which ones can be temporarily part of the home screen of my Smart TV and smartphone.

In my case, I am clear that the service I want to always have contracted (with a special Black Friday price) is Filmin, because it is where I usually find the classic films that I want to see or watch for the first time. Netflix, given the volume of news (not quality) that it has, also stays. And finally, is also permanent Amazon Prime Video, thanks to the fact that the Prime subscription feels almost mandatory due to the savings on shipments.

Focusing on a platform temporarily I have the feeling of squeezing more catalogs

From there, everything consists of that time planning that I was talking about. When 'Game of Thrones' was being broadcast, HBO was not missing from the list, despite the fact that I saved the last season to do a marathon. Since then, and knowing that it has a high quality catalog, I take the opportunity to hire only a few months, when I want to see several series and movies at the same time or in a row.

That was the case of 'Patria', 'The conspiracy against America', 'Succesion' and 'Watchmen', which I saw recently in two months. After that period, I unsubscribed. I did something similar with Disney + after seeing 'The Mandalorian', 'Soul' and a season of 'The Clone Wars'. I consider that Movistar + Lite with 'Anti-riot', 'Hierro' or 'La Unidad' and Atreplayer Premium with 'Venom' they also have very good arguments to enter into this planning.

The non-existence of permanence and trial periods, key

Normal People

Normal People is one of the reasons why you deserve to hire a platform like StarzPlay temporarily

In front of the telephone operators and other services, the non-existence of permanence in the contracts with the streaming platforms means that we can play with registering and deleting at will. And the fact that it can be done at all times is important. In the case of a server, if the service is needed for a month, it is paid and then canceled, so as not to have scares for having forgotten.

Another possibility to save is use trial periods or discounts. Now, for example, both Apple and Prime Video have Channels with which they integrate other platforms such as StarzPlay or MGM. In my case, I have used the StarzPlay trial period on both platforms to see the list of series that are worth it that I had written down, among which you can find real gems.

Which streaming service has better image quality: we compare Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Prime Video and seven other platforms

Justo StarzPlay now has a promotional offer of 1.99 euros for 6 months. It is a time when there is plenty of time to watch some of my favorite series of the moment, such as 'Normal People', 'Gangs of London', or 'The Act', and very worthy series like 'The Capture'.

Even so, I am afraid that with so much supply of giant actors, no matter how good catalog they have, llittle ones will not always be able to succeed in this streaming war. The best example of the opposite, and that you can grow from scratch and in the worst of a pandemic is Filmin. It is the beacon that others can fixate on.

The bad part of this planning


Not everything is rosy. With this "method" which is nothing more than a simple procedure, I consider that veo everything I want, but not always at the time I want, of course. If my entire Twitter timeline is talking about an HBO series at a time when I don't have the service, the feeling of missing something is there.

However, also I am trying to eliminate the feeling of having to keep up. There are hundreds of brilliant series produced from long ago that I have not seen yet. That just now a series that everyone is talking about has been launched is no reason for me to prioritize it over others that are also much more likely to like and entertain more, given the churreria that some services have become.

Nobody forces us to have everything contracted, no matter how much it is a sensation that is generated every time a new platform is launched

Another moment when I do miss having all the services is when I want to see a movie, old or new, that is not in the ones I have, because there is much more probability that the thing is distributed. But also, seeing that I cannot access everything for a small price, I am aware that never before in history have I been able to access as much as some catalogs give me for "so little". And one click away.

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