This is how the Google Pixel car accident detector works

This feature is a must if you spend a lot of time on the road.

When you buy a new mobile terminal, you always look (in addition to the price) of the processor, the photographic section or the screen. Nevertheless smartphones are still small engineering works full of surprises inside.

Because, Did you know that your Google Pixel phone has an interesting feature called a car accident detector? Yes, an essential feature for all those who spend a lot of time on the road and that can save our lives.

How does the Google Pixel car accident detector work?


If you like the road, this feature is a must

Do you remember the story of that man whose Google Pixel saved his life in an accident? Two weeks before the accident with a Bobcat excavator, this user of a Google Pixel 4XL had activated the car accident function.

What does this mean? If the phone detects that we have suffered a car accident or any other vehicle, will call emergency services automatically and later share our location. But how does it really work?

As Google itself explains, our Pixel device makes use of location, motion sensors and even nearby sounds to detect a possible accident. If the device determines through this method that we have suffered an accident, it will call the emergency services sharing not only our location, but also other data of the accident.

Unfortunately this function is only compatible with Google pixel 3, 4, 4a, 4a (5G) and 5 terminals in countries like the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. To activate it, you just have to access the Security app -> Settings -> Detection and alerts -> Car accident detection.

This function is a clear example that technology not only makes our lives much easier but can also save our lives. The worst thing is that it is only available in a few selected countries although we hope over time Google not only sees good to enable it in other countries, but also to make it compatible with other devices than the Pixel.

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