this is his fanny pack (yes, you read that right)

Xiaomi fanny pack

In case we did not have enough with cat beds, batteries or fishing rods, the Chinese firm also has in its catalog a vintage product that will make all those people who lived the time of the 80s and 90s fall in love. A fanny pack.

Surely many of you who are reading this article would not live the fever of this clothing product, but it was an essential. Whether it was going on a field trip with the school, on a trip with the family or simply to go out. What we see today as something really tacky, was the most normal thing years ago. Now, if you missed the fashion of the fanny pack, that you know that Xiaomi has thought of all of you.

Go back in time with the Xiaomi fanny pack

Actually this Xiaomi fanny pack is not as tacky as the ones we used years ago. Black is quite discreet and elegant. It can also be tied in different ways and positions - even as if it were a shoulder bag - because what fits with any look, even with outfits professionals.

As we can see on the Xiaomi website, in this fanny pack we can store a multitude of objects such as our mobile, house keys, wireless headphones, tissues and much more. A perfect complement if we are one of those people who go out with a thousand objects.

Its official price is 69 yuan, which is about 10 euros in exchange. A fantastic price and although apparently its official sale It is only intended for the Chinese country, it is possible to find it on pages such as Aliexpress.

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