This calculator estimates what your vaccination shift will be in Spain

We know the vaccination strategy against COVID-19 and it is clearly explained on the website created for this purpose by the Government of Spain. What is not so simple is calculate and know when we will be vaccinated approximately taking into account our age, work and other circumstances that come into play, such as the vaccination rate.

To try to answer this question, the physicist Álvaro Díez and the doctoral student in Medicine Dominika Miszewska have created a calculator of the vaccination shift in Spain within the Omni Calculator project. We explain how you can use it to know when it will be your turn, approximately, to be vaccinated against the disease caused by the coronavirus.

"The calculator shows your estimated vaccination date, how many people are ahead of you in the queue and which vaccine will you get"

How to use the vaccination appointment calculator

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Result of the vaccination shift calculator.

Spain has more than 47 million inhabitants and, at the time of publishing this article, around 9% of the population had received at least a first dose and 4.5% of the country's inhabitants had already received the full regimen. In addition, the vaccination rate improved at the beginning of March, although it is uneven according to the autonomous communities and has suffered the setback of the temporary stoppage of vaccination with the AstraZeneca solution.

Taking into account all these conditions plus the Executive's vaccination strategy, the calculator ensures that estimate how many people are ahead of you in the queue to receive a dose of any of the COVID-19 vaccines. And it does so based on your age, occupation, health condition and the vaccination rate, something that depends on the vaccine to be received and the autonomous community. "The calculator shows your estimated vaccination date, how many people are ahead of you in the queue and which vaccine will you get," explain those responsible.

The estimate can be based on both the vaccination rate projected by the Ministry of Health and the actual vaccination rate at the Spanish level and in the autonomous communities.

To use this tool, we must access the vaccination shift calculator and enter the requested information: place of residence, age and the answers about whether we are health personnel, have a dependency or work in a detention center, for example. The questions are asked because, depending on these particularities, we will have an earlier turn or not.

If you want to be free to travel you will need the EU Digital Green Certificate: a passport with QR that says that you are free of COVID-19

Once the data is completed, the calculator provides an estimate of the maximum and minimum number of people ahead of us in the vaccination queue and the dates on which we might receive the first dose. By default, the estimate is based on the calendar set by the Ministry of Health, but since we know that the current vaccination rate is lower than that projected by the authorities, in the final part of the questionnaire we have the possibility to choose that we want to obtain a result based on current rate rather than desirable rate. If we have chosen an autonomous community at the beginning, this value will appear personalized according to the regional rate.

The vaccination shift calculator is periodically updated to improve its accuracy

The calculator created by Álvaro Díez and Dominika Miszewska is periodically updated as new data on the vaccination plan are obtained and the changes introduced are recorded on the website itself, along with more information on the usefulness and strategy of immunization of the population.

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