they will be able to show their ads for free in the search engine

For a year, it has been heard that the pandemic "has changed everything"; This has certainly been the case for the global tourism industry, which still suffers from the hit of reducing the number of trips.

Now, Google seems determined to change "everything" in this industry too, but with a quite different approach: breaking the Booking / Expedia duopoly that controls the supply of tourist reservations in Europe, recipient of 50% of world tourism.

And the Silicon Valley giant plans to do this 'making clamp' with the small fish in this market: the hotels and agencies themselves, which could 'bridge' from now on to the two aforementioned portals.

How? Showing the advertisements of your tourist offer completely free of charge in the search engine, and in its Google Travel reservation service.

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Google takes positions

Until now, the hotel booking links in they were paid ads, sorted based on the traditional advertiser bidding model.

Now this change constitutes a gift for hotel chains, which would simultaneously gain direct sales and reduce their dependence on the large tourist portals.

Those from Mountain View intend to take positions like this in a market that is expected to 'explode' (in the good sense of the word) once we leave the pandemic behind for good:

"When travel is seriously resumed, it will be critical that people can find the information they need and easily contact online travel agencies."

"By being able to access a wider range of hotels and prices, users will have more options to choose from when organizing their trips and wanting to book them."

Interestingly, it was only 4 months ago that Peter Kern, CEO of Expedia Group, claimed that Google was not concerned because "it is not a competitor" and added that his goal was

"create the best products for people to come to us without having to go through Google."

It seems that Google now intends to beat you in that same game.

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