They detect an exact copy of Clubhouse that is actually a Trojan

Clubhouse on Android? Be suspicious.

Clubhouse is the fashion app of the moment. Not Instagram, not Facebook or even Twitter, what this social network has achieved in so little is a complete success and all this despite not being available for download in the Android ecosystem.

Because today Cloubhouse is only available for iOS and although the developers have already confirmed its imminent arrival to the Google operating system, at the moment we do not have an exact date.

Now, more than one smart is trying to take advantage of the Clubhouse fame to sneak into the Google application store and incidentally "put" the odd Trojan on our mobile devices. So if you find any app related to this social network on Android, in the Play Store or on any web page, you better be suspicious.

It is not a Clubhouse app but a Trojan

WhatsApp surrenders to Clubhouse, which is already the most downloaded application worldwide

Well no, it's not the Android app but a Trojan

We have always said that one of the points that Google should improve with its operating system is the amount of "malicious" applications that one can find even on official channels like the Play Store.

It is not the first time that a developer takes advantage of the name of an app to deceive users and it is that we can not only find WhatsApp clones, if not from any other application that is hitting it.

This time it's Clubhouse's turn as we read on the ESET blog.

Disguised as the Android version -which we remember does not yet exist-, this application is downloaded from a website that perfectly mimics the official Clubhouse website.

The Trojan in question steal login data from up to 458 different services like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, BBVA or eBay.

One of the ESET analysts was surprised by how well imitated this website is. The difference here is that once we click on the "Get on Android" button, the application is downloaded directly to our device. instead of redirecting us to the Google Play Store as the rest of the services do.

To top it all, the website is shown to us as not secure and has a .mobi domain instead of .com. Now, if something has to make us distrust this web page, it is that obviously Clubhouse is not available for Android so today it is impossible to get it, although there are alternatives that we can download.

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