These are the tips that Microsoft gives to make strong passwords and avoid their "fatigue"

Microsoft estimates that, on average, each person has 21 accumulated passwords to access different programs, applications or services. And, in addition, the Redmond firm ensures that many users may feel anxious when doing certain emergency processes and do not remember any of their passwords to be able to carry it out. It is what from Microsoft they call "Password fatigue" or password fatigue.

Not only does it exhaust users but it can also bring security issues with it. "The more passwords you have to use is more likely to use very simple and repeated combinations for the different online programs you use ”, explains Microsoft, remembering that this makes it easier for hackers to discover these access credentials.

According to estimates by the World Economic Forum, cyberattacks cost the world economy $ 2.9 million Americans per minute and, they point out from Microsoft, approximately 80% of those attacks target passwords.

Tips from Microsoft for Strong Passwords


So that you better manage your passwords, Microsoft offers various tips:

  • Use strong passwords, keeping in mind that it is best to combine characters and numbers.

  • Restore your passwords once a year.

  • Bet by biometrics with tools offered by various software programs, such as Windows Hello in the case of Microsoft.

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  • Be aware of third-party data breaches that may be occurring. Remember Microsoft that Microsoft Edge protection offers dark web scanning with Password Monitor and alerts the user if one of their passwords saved in the browser has been compromised.

The future without passwords that Microsoft begins to design


Remember that the Redmond company is making efforts to find alternatives to the use of passwords. As we depend even more on the internet connection for everything in our lives in this unusual year, "we are more than ready to do away with passwords", said from Microsoft at the end of last year 2020.

A few days ago, Microsoft announced at the Ignite event that it is ready Temporary Access Pass technology in preview mode for the moment for Azure Active Directory. This allows you to register for new services without having to generate a password. To do this, a short-lived, unique access code is provided that a company's tech managers can send to users to log in.

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