these are the requirements to use them

Among the most anticipated functions of WhatsApp for 2021 that we reviewed yesterday, WhatsApp video calls and voice calls from Windows 10 and macOS ranked relatively high, after the multi-device option.

Some Windows 10 users have been able to make voice and video calls from the desktop since January, but now the company has announced the global availability of the feature for all users. At the time of writing this, yes, the function is being deployed and we have not been able to test it.

This is what you need to use WhatsApp video calls on Windows 10 and macOS

To make video calls and voice calls, WhatsApp does not have very high requirements. The first thing is to have a PC with Windows 10 64-bit in version 1903 or higher, which should meet a large user base of the system, since it is the version released in May 2019. That is, four large versions ago.

As for macOS, WhatsApp requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra, which had the same possibility as macOS Sierra. This is the list of old equipment that should have availability for calls:

  • MacBook (late 2009 and later)

  • iMac (Late 2009 and later)

  • MacBook Air (2010 and later)

  • MacBook Pro (2010 and later)

  • Mac Mini (2010 and later)

  • Mac Pro (2010 and later)

To these operating system requirements, WhatsApp adds the need to have a microphone and speakers, a camera for video calls, Internet connection (the call will not go through the mobile) and grant permissions to WhatsApp.

As a big drawback of this launch, WhatsApp has announced that at the moment we will not be able to make group video calls or group voice calls, something that can be done on iOS and Android for a long time. The good part is that, like on mobile, calls and video calls are encrypted end-to-end on the desktop.

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