There is already an agreement on the 'Rider Law', and companies like Glovo will have to share their algorithms on the choice of distributors

After months and months of negotiation, the Government, unions and employers have reached an agreement on the labor rights of the people dedicated to the distribution or 'delivery'. In a statement from all the actors issued yesterday, it is noted that the text will establish the employment situation of people dedicated to the distribution or distribution of merchandise through digital platforms.

One of the most controversial points was that, that it be recognized that the delivery men who depend on algorithmic management are employed and not self-employed, as the Supreme Court ruling pointed out (although there have been many to the contrary, that is why this law is so important).

It is confirmed that delivery companies will have to share their allocation allocation algorithms

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One of the points that was debated in the negotiation was whether the delivery companies should give more information about their algorithms to the Ministry. In this sense, the statement is clear: the new law provides that "lThe legal representation of the workers must be informed of the rules contained in the algorithms and artificial intelligence systems that can affect the working conditions by which the platforms are governed, including the access and maintenance of employment and the elaboration of profiles ".

This is a very important point, because it is what has marked the debate on the health of this type of work and the sustainability of the model in the face of delivery men. According to sources from El País, the employer was reluctant to include it in the agreement, but has finally agreed to be cited with a brief mention.

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In a draft known at the end of the year, there was talk of reporting the "pseudocode or flow diagram used, as well as the reputation systems used, if any, and to whom they apply." The aforementioned medium points out that the law will be approved by decreeor, so that at first it will not require approval in the chambers, although it will later.

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